The Boy Who Loves the Pool


May 31, 2016 by Marj Hatzell

I almost feel guilty we don’t live somewhere this boy can swim outside more than three months of the year. We go to an indoor pool but he just doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much. We try to go a few times a week, mainly weekends,  but summer season? Every day, hours at a time. This weekend we spent 18 hours over three days at the swim club. And my boy was happy, happier than he’s been in months. It was a rough winter (a story for another day) but his face when he sees the water? Worth every penny we pay each year, and then some.

first one in for 2016

Seriously, y’all. He’s grown. 6 inches and 45 pounds since SEPTEMBER. As in, went from being the fifth percentile for his height to the fiftieth. As in, this is a picture of him from last year on the same date.

nom nom nom

See? HUGE.

And to think at one time we were working with feeding clinics and he had “failure to thrive.” I blame all the Greek salad he’s been eating.

Well, I thank all the Greek salad he’s been eating.
But these pictures doesn’t do it justice. You must see him in action.


2 thoughts on “The Boy Who Loves the Pool

  1. Adelaide Dupont says:

    I’m a fan of Greek salad too, especially olives and feta.

  2. LOVE the top picture! I remember the days when R would spend hours at a time at a pool. Not so much any more. 😦 It always amazing me how kids can just pull themselves out of the water like that!! Me…I have a hard time even with a ladder. 😉

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