Sick Days


August 27, 2013 by Marj Hatzell

When I was a wee one, I used to love coming home from kindergarten and having lunch because my mom would put the babies down for a nap and my older sisters were at school all day. I had her all to myself. And I’m sure my incessant chatter drove her to the point of madness (well, she didn’t need any help in the mental health disorders category but that’s neither here nor there) but she’d let me curl up on the couch behind her. She’d collapse from sheer exhaustion (seven kids, yo) and I’d find her on her side. She’d say, “Climb up here, sit behind my legs.” And I’d curl up in that little space behind her bent legs. I felt so safe there. I can remember it to this day. Bad soap operas on tv while I curled up with my blankie, sucking my thumb, my mind running ONE MEELION miles an hour. As it does to this day.

I’ve been less than healthy lately. I found out I have some chronic stuff going on and while it’s not life-threatening or anything it DOES affect my health and I have to go about things a different way. I’m basically tired all the time. I never want to get out of bed and as soon as I do I’m looking forward to the next time I get to climb into my big, cushy bed. And no, it isn’t depression. I am in therapy, however, and working on a med change. That isn’t helping my situation much.

Still, I’m as annoyingly optimistic as I’ve ever been. Even with a few viruses this summer on top of the rest of the crap in my life. But they force me to slow down. Even though I’m climbing the walls and ZOMG I AM SO BORED GET ME OUT OF HERE GAH! I realize it’s just my body’s way of saying, “DG? Stop that.”

This week, naturally, I caught yet another virus. Seriously, summer, you suck. WHO GETS THE FLYUIN THE SUMMER? Me, that’s who. And the docs say, “It’s not flu season, it can’t be the flu!” And then I go in, and they swab my nose and stuff and a few days later are all, “Huh. You have this strain.” This happens almost every year. Almost exactly this time of year. Go figure. But this time, I was fortunate enough to have Bugaboo join me with Couch Watch 2013. And the dogs. Fortunate? Why, yes. Because that means he isn’t moving at all and I know where he is at all times and even though he didn’t have the temp I had he still hasn’t left my side since Sunday night. This is a GOOD thing. Also, when he runs a fever, for some reason he’s more interactive and more snuggly. This. I like it.

I also get to use The Afghan. and camp out on the couch I never get to use. Now, our couch is HUGE. It is a sectional, a fabulous leather one. We got it specifically because I have a large extended family and we need seating for family gatherings. Also because all four of us can recline quite comfortably at the same time (you know, when I actually get to SIT on it). We’re small people so that’s not really that impressive but also there’s room for 8-10 people to sit on it at once.

And even though this couch is HUGE, Bugaboo needs to sit as close to me as possible. And I like to be on my side (better for my back) and my knees bent and he camps out right behind there, just like I used to do when I was a little girl. I find some comfort in this, somehow. That even though he is nearly ELEVEN (YES ELEVEN, I KNOW, RIGHT?) he still likes to curl up with me when he doesn’t feel well and choose that spot to sit with me.

With his roller skates, ipad, Thomas train tunnel, bag of gluten free pretzels and smelly pillow. As we all do.

Did I mention I’m not a very tall person? Not much room behind those legs, y’all. And yet he squeezes in. In that particular spot. Despite the fact that a whole baseball team can sit on this sofa at the same time.

The good news is the fevers have broken and we’re returning to normal. When I got up I finally figured out how those puddles keep getting on the bathroom floor. Because when one stands on one’s toilet with one’s roller skates on, it turns out one’s aim is SLIGHTLY worse than it would typically be when one is standing in front of the toilet.

We’re never really bored.

2 thoughts on “Sick Days

  1. jimreeve says:

    I’m glad that you’re feeling better, and your post also makes me feel nostalgiac too. I love seeing my son do the same things that I used to do when I was young. It too brings me to a time when I was young and my dad was still alive. And in that moment I think about how I want to be the best parent that I can be for my son. Then hopefully one day, when he has kids of his own (yikes) he will get the same feeling.

  2. Karen says:

    Stands ON the toilet in roller skates? Now thats talent! I’d brain myself just trying to get up there in the first place.

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