Living Up to My Name, One Domestic Task at a Time


July 15, 2013 by Marj Hatzell

You know, when I started this journey eight years ago, this little blog journey of mine, it was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Meaning, I called myself “The Domestic Goddess” because I wasn’t terribly domestic. In fact, I kinda sucked at it. I still kinda do but after thirteen years of staying home, I’m getting the hang of some of this “housewife” stuff.

Anywho, I jokingly refer to myself as a “Domestic Engineer” because engineering sounds all smart and sciency and stuff. And “Domestic Goddess” because, well, it sounds regal and stuff.

But let’s be honest. I’m unorganized, I have a ton on my mind all day, I get easily distracted, I multitask (meaning I get in the middle of five things and finish none), I’m always tired and I’d rather sleep than eat or do pretty much anything else. And y’all know my sleep history. But I do have a few things to help me, one of them is Motivated Moms and I pretty much credit that with keeping me from being an utter failure as a Domestic.

I participate in a CSA program in my hood. CSA (community supported agriculture) means that a person buys a farm share and hundreds of people directly support local farms. For 6 months of the year I get farm-fresh, delicious vegetables delivered to my front door. Since I’m the local host drop-off point (meaning, others come to my house to get their veggies) I end up with some extras. I donate most of the leftover shares to local food kitchens. But this particular week, our regular share was HUGE. I had a TON A TON A TON of cukes and beets and I love both cukes and beets but one can only eat so many cukes and beets in one week, no?

So I got to thinking. What to do? I KNOW. Something I always wanted to do.


Canning. As in, preserving food for later use in little jars and stuff. My mother did it. She made jam often. She even canned veggies. And I’m also growing my own veggies. CANNING! IMA TRY IT! And off to the local canning supply place I went.

And here’s the result:


I’m so proud of myself. But even better? Not only did I make pickles and can some beets, I also did all kinds of cleaning and dusting and closet organizing and paperwork and phone calls the same day. But don’t worry, I won’t do that again. I don’t want The Guy I Live With to stop recognizing me. I mean, being all organized and stuff? He’ll think I’ve been replaced with my evil twin or something. We can’t have that happening, now can we?

15 thoughts on “Living Up to My Name, One Domestic Task at a Time

  1. punkymama says:

    I am SUPER impressed. I can’t imagine.

  2. Bec Oakley says:

    I’m impressed! I used to get a delivery of organic produce once a week and it was great for forcing, I mean INSPIRING, me to learn new recipes because you never knew what you were going to get. I miss that.

  3. zmullsz says:

    The real test is opening a can two years later and saying to yourself “Is this still good I wonder? Do I have the guts to eat it?”

  4. blogginglily says:

    I’m uncomfortable with the term “cukes”.

  5. Sarah Almond says:

    It looks lovely. Now I’m tired just thinking about all that work.

  6. god that is good work though. satisfying labor. this is real-life homesteading subsistence healthy type transition stuff. give me a jar.

  7. texylady says:

    I say make the most of these hyper days. They don’t come along often for me, but when they do, I go turbo.

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