Always With This Silver Lining


July 2, 2013 by Marj Hatzell

Yesterday I went outside to grab the mail and ten seconds later came back to the sink turned on, pushed over the counter, and water cascading down the dishwasher and onto the kitchen floor.

Yes, ten seconds. Perhaps eight. It’s a twelve foot walk from my kitchen counter to the front door so that’s about twenty-four total feet, for those of you not good at math.

PSST. Bugaboo is on summer break!

Anywho, I grumbled (after my initial BUGABOO GAAAH!) and summoned the Bug Boy to grab some rags and we sopped it up. I cheerily mentioned, “Well, here’s the silver lining! The floor needed to be mopped anyway!” And it did, since we’ve had seventeen gazillion inches of rain this month and Daisy soaks up mud like a flipping sponge. I’m building an ark right now. True Story.

Bug Boy looked puzzled, “Silver Lining?” So I explained it to him. I talked about luck/good fortune and why I don’t believe in it. I talked about good things coming in return when you try to do good things. You know, like Karma? Then I started the optimism/pessimism talk. Glass half full/half empty. He looked at me like I grew a horn on my head and turned purple, like a magical unicorn. Which I did, just not at that very moment.

Anyways, I’m thinking you know which side I’m inclined to be on. I’ll give you a hint: I’M F*CKING MISS MARY SUNSHINE!

I’ve been known to annoy people with my optimism. I’m always, “Well, but this happened so that means THIS!” And I get the hairy eyeball and people shoot me with laser beams from their eyes and I die a slow, cruel death. But because I’ve got such a cheery disposition (just last week someone called me Mary Poppins!) I spring back to life because dying allows you to BE REBORN! And being reborn is good because you get to do things ALL OVER AGAIN!

In all seriousness, I know life can be hard. But I have this habit of choosing joy. Because I need to keep it together, yo. And no matter how hard it can be (and believe me, lately IT HAS BEEN HARD) it just rallies me to gather more courage, push through the deluge and keep on keeping on.

Ah, metaphors. And we’ve had a literal deluge in PA this month. Inch of rain per hour and whatnot. Hence the floors. Story of my life.

Anywho, last week I was SICK. Bugaboo drank a ton of water at the pool and barfed all over my bathroom and shower and bedroom floor (ONLY CARPET LEFT IN THE HOUSE. GAH!) and I cleaned it up. At least, I thought it was from drinking too much water at the pool, as he is inclined to do. Then two days later I couldn’t get my sea legs and ended up spending two days in bed. THANKS ALOT, BUGABOO. The third day I should have been in bed but I got up and moaned on the couch and cuddled with my dogs while I sipped water and crawled out of my skin because HELLO I DON’T SIT EVER EVER EVER. But as I camped out there I thought of a few things. The positives of being laid up for two days (three)? They are numerous. To wit:

1) It forces me to slow down. And BOY HOWDY I need to slow down.
2) I concentrate on what’s most important (my family)
3) I needed a break
4) I have AC. Thankyoubabyjebus
5) My awesome Bug Boy was home with me and took care of me (because he’s awesome)
6) Bugaboo was in school and at least it didn’t happen this week while he was off, right?
7) I have furry friends and kids to cuddle with. The Guy I Live With taped off the house for quarantine and slept in the garage (not really, he slept on the couch)
8) I needed to lose the twenty pounds I’ve gained anyway. Eight gone in ONE DAY! WOO! I highly recommend the stomach virus diet!
9) I don’t have to call our sick from a full-time job
10) The Guy I Live With came home from work, picked right up and DID ALL THE THINGS for the rest of the night, including the dive meet I nevereverever miss and dinner and then worked for four more hours because HE’S THE MAN.
And because I go to eleven,
11) I got to spend more time in the world’s best bed, my tempurpedic. I’m thinking of giving her a name, I love her that much.

See? It isn’t hard. So many good things. I know there are more but I have CDO and I have to keep things to Number Eleven. But you get the general point. Of course, it may have been the fever talking with this silver lining stuff…

Silver Lining. Try it. It’ll make you feel good…good…good…

13 thoughts on “Always With This Silver Lining

  1. Sarah Almond says:

    I was known to be annoying with my optimism, until I married a pessimist…

    Way to look at the silver linings there-I tend to forget and NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! 😉

  2. RuthWells says:

    Dude, if you seriously lost 8 pounds in one day, I’m worried about your hydration levels. Because that’s waaaaaay too much, even for a stomach virus!

  3. MemeGRL says:

    This one was crazy bad, wasn’t it? Glad you are on the mend!

  4. Blogginglily says:

    I like it. I could tell you dropped some weight. Lookin’ good!

  5. I love your style of writing and your reminder to choose JOY. Some days I succeed at that on my own (other days I do send those deaths rays at those who try help me see the silver lining). And, around here, my floors are ever grateful for those spills since they are rarely cleaned without them!

    • It isn’t easy to choose joy. Seriously. There are days I want to be miserable and wallow and hate everything on the planet. I allow myself to be crabby, honestly. It’s very cathartic. But with all the crap in my life? I still choose to be happy. I choose to focus on the good things in my life (because even with all the sh*t there’s always something good.)

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