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June 10, 2013 by Marj Hatzell

Something amazing has happened.

I wrote the post about being a short order cook and the most amazing thing occurred.

Bug Boy started trying new foods.


He’s changed so much this year from a developmental standpoint. He’s much more personally responsible, self motivated and self-starting. He’s also much more adept at eyerolls, cheekiness and “whatEVERs” but that kind of goes along with the tween territory, no? Oh age twelve, I wish I could quit you.

In the past week he has tried (and liked and requests repeatedly) Caesar salad, garden salad, pasta salad, and sugar snap peas.

Every Sunday our swim club hosts a “Sunday Supper,” during which a local restaurant or eatery brings food and the members can buy platters and whatnot. Last night was a local mediterranean place. You know, greek and moroccan style food. Lots of seasoning and veggies.

Bug Boy asked for (WHAT FOR IT) a platter, which consisted of chicken shish kabobs (marinated in curry sauce. CURRY. LIKE THE SPICY STUFF), seasoned rice with all kinds of stuff mixed into it, a pasta salad with olives and pita bread. AND ATE THE WHOLE THING. Well, he skipped the olives. BUT HE ATE NEW THINGS. Food that was touching. Food that was mixed together and unrecognizable in its original state.

I know. It’s hard to believe. He spent the rest of the night raving about how delicious the chicken was.

Now, this is a kid who has some pretty heavy-duty sensory issues. He is easily overwhelmed by tastes, lights, sounds, textures, etc. He has a pretty wicked gag reflex. We still cannot get him to swallow pills. Up until recently he couldn’t eat food that was touching, had a sauce on it, had a seasoning or had a consistency he couldn’t tolerate. It wasn’t just picky eating. Even the colors were offensive to him. If it wasn’t bland, white, crunchy food it wasn’t on his plate. Even if we put it there. It got shoved off the edge or covered with a napkin. Or we heard protests and there was tons of drama.

How far we’ve come from chicken fingers and carrot sticks.

Might make an epicurean out of him yet!

8 thoughts on “Eat it

  1. surfergirl says:

    You mean there is light at the end of the tunnel? This could be us one day? Really? I sooooooo want this to be us too because I am so sick of chicken nuggets (one brand only and they had better not have brown patches when cooked), corn on the cob and crackers.

  2. Sarah Almond says:

    How cool is that? Love that he’s branching out! Can you send a little of that magic this way? 😉

    My son’s aversion to 80% of foods on the world’s surface is really frustrating. Not to mention him wanting the same things in the same order each day. Breakfast=Fareway brand Cheerios with milk first (yes ONLY Fareway brand, because the others get soggy too quickly), then an English muffin with melted cheese. If we run out of any of these things, the world is OVER! 😉

    When he was in the hospital for dehydration, the nurses kept assuring us that “Oh, he’ll get hungry enough that he’ll eat what he’s given.” They kept trying to give him things that he won’t eat-chicken broth, jello, all the stuff you’re supposed to eat when you’ve been puking your guts out. They ate their words. Pun intended.

  3. Sometimes I think things just click for our kids and they start doing new things. That’s so awesome. I’m having trouble with my one daughter who is vegetarian but doesn’t like beans or tofu. We joke that she’s going to become a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    • You know, both of my guys have gone through major developmental changes in the past few months. They’re growing in so many ways. The best part of it is that HE is trying things, without us even asking!

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