He’s a Little Runaway. Again.


April 24, 2013 by Marj Hatzell

I’m having kind of a rough week.

Because deceased parents and funeral planning aren’t stressful enough, Monday night we had a wee bit of excitement in my house. You know how I say I’m never bored? There’s a reason for that. It’s because I AM NEVER BORED. Basically, there’s non-stop chaos and excitement around these parts.

Monday night my Aunts decided to provide some dinner for our family. A few of my siblings were going to get together and look through pictures and make a little collage for the funeral and luncheon. Ok, 4 giant posters of pictures, but who’s counting? Anywho, we KNOW it is spring and Bugaboo is more restless than usual, thanks in part to higher pollen counts and the nicer weather. We have been more vigilant than usual, due to this restlessness. We’re back to padlocks on the doors (not just locks) and I even went out and purchased new door alarms, since the old ones went to door alarm heaven.

When folks come in the house I have to, you know, unlock the doors? And when there are twenty people in my house and everyone is unloading cars, bringing in food, hugging and the like it’s a little…chaotic. We try to lock the door immediately and we no sooner lock it than another person shows up. So in the midst of the chaos, Bugaboo was darting about, back and forth between doors. He’d slip outside, play a bit, come back in. Then we locked the back door. By the time I got some plates and napkins out I decided to head to the front door and lock it. Except it was unlocked.
Immediately The Guy I Live With and I searched the house.

No Bugaboo.

We checked the backyard and neighbors’ backyard.

No Bugaboo.

That’s when I hopped in the car and headed to the playground while my family checked a few more neighbors’ swing sets and trampolines. Now, we live TWO BLOCKS from a playground. Since I live on the corner you can see the playground and park from my back yard. The few times Bugaboo has made it to the park he has been sitting in the middle of the softball diamond, happily clapping and stimming away in the orange dirt. He typically sees me and sighs and gets up, following me back home or to the car. Except this time, no Bugaboo. I walked to the other end of the field to the swings and slide. No Bugaboo. I got back in the car and drove around all four sides of the park. Still no Bugaboo.

I went back home and yelled to my sister, “Call the Police.” Within two minutes three local police departments were there taking a report of his description and circling town searching for him

At this point my family was going door to door. The next thing I knew, our entire block was out looking, checking other parts of our little Mayberry-esque town. They searched every back yard, every swing set, every trampoline. They checked every back yard swimming pool they could find. Some of them hopped in their cars to circle town and look. People started checking nearby busy roads, thinking maybe he tried to walk to the pool or the Big Red Bullseye store.

Still no sign of Bugaboo.

A Faceplace post and email later, the entire town was out looking. I’m not being facetious. There were folks on ALL FOUR BLOCKS of our little town checking every place they could think of. They searched high and low. They got into their cars and circled, checking for him. They stopped and looked at every kid they saw.

An hour had gone by at this point.

Still no Bugaboo.

This while I stood on the front lawn, clutching my phone, sobbing, hoping for a miracle, hoping this wasn’t THE ONE TIME we couldn’t find him. It had been an hour. It was starting to get darker. The warm spring day suddenly became cooler.

At some point my sister and our babysitter ended up back at the park. Since there was a softball game going on and the park was packed with folks watching it and using the playground, they went person-to-person asking if they had seen my sweet boy. And suddenly someone said, “Wait. I noticed a little boy in that truck over there about thirty minutes ago. He’s been bouncing around and having a good time.”

(at least, that was reported back to me, I wasn’t there, see. Me, lawn, phone, cry, etc, etc).

Guess who was in the truck? The entire time? And no doubt got into said truck because so many people were at the park and he didn’t quite know what to do?

If you said Bugaboo, ten points for Gryffindor.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an adrenalin rush to get over and some more padlocks to install.

( PS – if you’re asking about the tracking bracelet we had? Company went out of business last summer. Hooray. Guess who’s looking into tracking bracelets again?  If you said me then ten points to all houses. Except Slytherin.)

12 thoughts on “He’s a Little Runaway. Again.

  1. Deborah Vogt says:

    Oh wow, that happened to me once with my 6-yr old. It feels like the end of the world. The difference is it sounds like you have a whole lot of support, which is wonderful.

  2. Crissie says:

    That is exactly how the lady put it, word for word. My heart jumped up and down when I heard it too.

  3. Tammy says:

    Scary moments but you know what I loved most (besides him safe and found)? I loved that everyone pulled together to help. I’m not sure my “town” -Detroit would be so giving.

  4. jimreeve says:

    Your post actually made my heart pound and I felt relieved when your boy was found. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do in your place. I’m so lad that everything worked out.

  5. Karen says:

    My worst worst WORST nightmare ever. For over an hour?! I can’t even imagine how I would deal with it. I completely freak when I can’t find my ASD kiddos in two minutes. I always check the pool first. But over an hour? I think I might just lose it.

    • We always check the pool first because he’s quite the little fish. My worst nightmare is finding him IN the pool. Several neighbors have backyard swimming pools, one has an in-ground pool. *shudder*

  6. kantal113 says:

    Ugh. I cannot imagine that feeling. So glad you found him safe and sound. xoxo

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