Cast Away


February 1, 2013 by Marj Hatzell

After three weeks of Aitch-EE-Double-Hockey-Sticks, Bugaboo had his cast removed. Honestly? He did so super well with it I was shocked. The first few days he handed us every pair of scissors and every butter knife he could find, in an effort to get us to remove is. When that didn’t work he took to attempting to saw it off himself.

I’m sure it was uncomfortable. Casts suck. But after three days he figured out to hold his arm up at just the right angle in order to promote his spinning (he LOVES standing under a ceiling fan and spinning with it!). He learned to sleep with the arm outside the blankets so he didn’t whack himself in the head with it. And although it was FILTHY by the time it was taken off (holy cow, did it stink), he learned to use the arm with the cast to pick things up, move things, eat, play on his iPad and more. I’m quite proud of him, really.

And when they took it off? He was LIKE A BOSS. Didn’t even budge. Of course, the sedation helped. Ahem. But we walked out of there and he was practically skipping in the halls of DuPont. It took him a few hours to realize, “Oh. Yeah! I forgot! I don’t have to keep this arm at a 90 degree angle anymore and I can use it!” He’s left handed and tends to use his left for everything so it didn’t even occur to him he could use his right arm again. And he spent three weeks perfecting the art of the one-armed headstand! Nothing keeps this kid down, that’s for certain. Even when he had the flu last week he’d get up, do a headstand, jump over the knee wall and then collapse on the couch for a few hours. Then get back up, vault over the hassock and park himself on the other side of the couch. Even sick he can’t sit still.

Now I have to keep him from re-breaking his elbow for a few weeks until we’re out of the danger zone. Wish me luck, this will be no easy feat.

2 thoughts on “Cast Away

  1. SusanB says:

    Just the one hande headstnd would have made my heart skip! So happy that he got the stinkin’ thing off.

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