Baby, Baby, Baby OOOOOH


January 11, 2013 by Marj Hatzell

I watch my four-year-old nephew every week. We’ll call him Super Boy since each day he is a different super hero. Or Puss in Boots. But since he should probably wear pants, we’ll stick with the super heroes for the time being.

I’ve enjoyed the privilege of caring for him since he was at wee babe. I cared for two of my other nephews when they were wee ones and a niece, too. It’s honestly my favorite part of the week. Since my guys are at school all day (and have been since the age of three, thanks to early intervention) it is nice to have a chatty little dude hanging around two or three days a week for a few hours. I don’t like being alone all day and dogs, well, they don’t answer back too often. That gets old.

Anywho, We have the most interesting conversations. And he does some pretty funny stuff. Like yesterday, when I thought I’d sneak into the shower? And the phone rang:

Super Boy: HEWWO?
Cousin in Tennessee: May I speak to Aunt Marj?

Or this morning to his 2-month-old cousin, who also comes to visit me once or twice a week:


It’s super adorable, yo. And if you don’t think it’s super adorable, you have a heart of stone and kick kittens, I’ll bet.

Anywho, Super Boy has been around more this week. More than usual. See, even though I declared this to be “THE YEAR OF DG” so far 2013 hasn’t turned out that way yet. Because remember the two ER visits? Well, there was A THIRD ER VISIT. Bugaboo was jumping on the bed Tuesday night as I was putting away laundry and before I could say, “Stop jumping before you fall off” he fell off and landed on his elbow. He thrashed around and whined most of the night and when we got up for school he wouldn’t let me anywhere near his right arm and it hung at a funny angle to his side. A trip to our favorite kids’ hospital and seven hours later, four of which were spent walking up and down the hall in a wagon, we walked out with this:

Yep. That's a cast. Broken humerus, except it's REALLY REALLY not funny, yo.

Yep. That’s a cast. Broken humerus, except it’s REALLY REALLY not funny, yo.

I’m trying to find the HUMOR in the fact that he broke his HUMERUS but it really wasn’t funny. Especially since it was our 3rd ER visit in two weeks with two kids. The same hospital. They’re naming a room after me, now. And since they’ve been punching my frequent visitor card, the tenth visit will be free! See? Looking at the positive!

But wait, there’s more!

My newest nephew was due this week and my bro and sister-in-law went into the hospital to have said nephew and he was born Saturday night. Except little dude took a turn for the worse and was transported to the VERY SAME children’s hospital (the one where I’m a frequent flyer!) to the NICU. Little dude has had a rough start and could use all the good thoughts, well-wishes, vibes, prayers and virtual hugs you can muster, mmkay?

Because he needs to come home soon to his so-gigantic-it’s-ridiculous-family, where he can be spoiled by his scores of adoring relatives, licked by Bruno the giant horse-dog and talked to by his big brother, Super Boy.

Who, I might add, will be an awesome big brother. Because he brings his Star Wars toys and cars and super heroes and places them around the 2-month-old (WEEYUM) and says, “WEEYUM! WAKE UP AND PLAY WITH MEEEE! WEEYUM! YOU CAN BE THE JOKER!”

Meanwhile, I’ve been going to bed every night before 8pm. Mostly because Bugaboo has had me up every night for two weeks and I haven’t had ONE NAP for three weeks. And he isn’t currently fond of sleeping in his own bed so guess who gets whacked in the head a few times a night with a heavy cast?  THIS GIRL.

Aaaaand. Fin.

16 thoughts on “Baby, Baby, Baby OOOOOH

  1. Good thoughts, good vibes, any ounce of good voodoo to keep your family away from the Children’s Hospital coming your way! Though I must say the Marj Hatzell Room has a nice ring to it!

  2. Barnmaven says:

    Congratulations on the new nephew, many prayers and good thoughts that he gets to go home soon. Sorry about the arm — Race Car Man broke his arm when he was four after deciding to see if our old bullmastiff would give him a ride. Unfortunately his cowboy skills were insufficient and he fell off when she stood up. He was SO proud of his cast. Also sending you some nap mojo. You need it!

    • MASTIFF. ZOMG. LOVE. It their life span wasn’t so damned short I’d totally adopt one. But since I have kids who don’t like much change, we need dogs that live like 15 years or more. Sigh. Anywho, he liked it? My little Bug brings me scissors every five minutes and asks me to cut it off. poor kid.

  3. Yeeeesh. It’s been a lot for the first two weeks of 2013. Your nephew sounds adorbs and we’re still praying for Little Dude.

  4. Niksmom says:

    On the bright side? I got to see you when you brought your super adorable nephew to see his little brother. 🙂 Maybe we should go halfsies on a whole wing at the hospital? Sure seems we should coorindate our visits and have lunch! LOL

    Sending you some sleep juju. Or coffee.

  5. jimreeve says:

    A broken elbow? That’s brutal Marj. I feel so bad for the little guy, but he sure is tough considering he went to bed the night it happened. On the bright side, I love the little ones in your family. And the best thing about little kids is when they go home with theIr parents. lol.

  6. Maggie S. says:

    Keeping the new in my prayers. No girls?

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