The Week That Was (The Least Awesomest)


December 7, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

Some weeks I should just stay in bed.

Like weeks that start out with me getting locked out of the house? Yep. Bed. Covers over my head. Stay there for a few days. When it subsides, get out of bed. TADA! WINNING!

Except there’s that whole “I have to be a responsible adult” thing that’s totally cramping my style.

I’d like to forget yesterday ever happened. I woke up feeling kinda ooky. I had my baby nephew for the day so I was a tad busy and didn’t even realize why I felt ooky. Towards the end of the day I went into the bathroom and realized “ZOMG THIS IS WHY I FEEL SO OOKY.”  Because it huuuuuuurt to pee.

Yep. UTI. And naturally I didn’t realize it until after the doctor closed for the afternoon. So my choice was go to Urgent Care and sit FOR HOURS for them to say, “Yep!  UTI!” and hand me a script or drink a sh*t-ton of fluids, wait until the morning and call first thing to get an appointment. On a Friday. I have better chances of hitting the lottery. I don’t play the lottery.

Anywho. UTI. I suffered through dinner and a nighttime Home and School Meeting and got home hoping  to sit in a steaming hot bath for some relief and that’s when The Guy I Live With came downstairs to show me the Bugaboo’s ipad.

It looked like this:

Houston, we have a problem. A BIG EFFING PROBLEM.

Houston, we have a problem. A BIG EFFING PROBLEM.

You are looking at Bugaboo’s broken iPad. It still works (THANK YOU BABY JEBUS) but the screen has a teensy it of a crack to it. Ok, a lot.While I was at my meeting, Bugaboo took it up to bed. No biggy, right? Except The Guy I Live With went to check on him and found it like this. We THINK he tried to jam the button in too hard and ended up cracking the screen. At least that’s what it looks like. And before you say, “Otter Box!”  He has DESTROYED TWO OF THEM.  And they are no help for a broken button, yo. Just saying.

I figure that since three sh*tty things happened this week, we’re good, right? Right. Next week will be perfect.

(Except Bug Boy has been coming home every single day this week in tears. IT WAS THE WORST DAY EVERRRR because he is SO STRESSED OUT AND THERE’S TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Because he had speech and two music lessons in one day. And next week on his birthday he’ll miss four periods for practice for the winter concert next week. What kid COMPLAINS about missing class? My kid.That’s who. Oh, and he’s afraid of the new middle school violin teacher. Who is a sweet, sweet older woman.Only because he’s used to his old teacher of three years in elementary school. Sigh.)

(The good news is I got an appointment. Let’s hope they hook me up with some GOOD DRUGS)

9 thoughts on “The Week That Was (The Least Awesomest)

  1. jentroester says:

    This is my worst nightmare. Well, maybe not my worst, but close. I won’t say Otterbox, bc those actually suck big time, but maybe the Griffin military grade case? I have heard awful things about Otterbox, but great about the Griffin. (We have a Trident Kraken, but it would be easy to open if you have a kid who does that, and the updated version sucks, too).

    Also, I recommend having Uristat on hand at all times. I always get uti/kidney infections in the middle of the night..ugh.

    Hopefully next weeks is a million times better.

  2. Your son was bitten by a radioactive bug and now has super strength…. that’s what I’m going with.

    There is nothing worse than a UTI-I’ve had a billion of em. And I won’t be one of those people who says ohhhhh just drink some cranberry juice and you’ll be 100% better, because I hate cranberry juice. Hope you get some GREAT drugs!

  3. blogginglily says:

    Sorry, Marj.
    The otterbox would never have worked for Lily either. She likes to find the seams too much. The Griffin Survivor has been a good fit for us. But does you no good at THIS point.

  4. RuthWells says:

    OTC meds for pain, stat. I forget what the hell it’s called, but it turns your pee orange. Best to always have an emergency stash….

  5. Jeanne K. says:

    Our iPad had a bad week, too. Apparently a little boy pokes too hard and caused the LCD to put a huge black line through the center of the screen. About 40% of the screen is behind the black line. Griffin doesn’t have the case for the 1st gen. Otterbox is about the only one.
    I also get UTI’s. I like apple cider vinegar in water to clear the excess bacteria- tastes awful but it’s always worked quick for me. It also takes lots of fluids to wash the taste away but that just helps. I swear it’s the weather change causing the good twin to let the evil twin run the show. When he’s good he’s very good and when he’s bad he’s horrid- just like that little girl with a curl. Hang in there.

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