A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away


October 31, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

I turned forty this weekend.  That’s a long time and stuff.

I feel pretty much the same as I did when I was thirty-nine. The main difference is I’m older and wiser (shush, it’s true).

And slightly rounder.

And ok, a few things on my body have started to be affected by gravity. Not my nose, in case you were wondering.

It was a fabulous weekend. I had coffee and chatted with people, went out to lunch with my husband and finally ordered a new phone. My current phone, the geek lovers R2D2 phone, has finally started it’s process of going to the great cellphone store in the sky. I swear they design these things to last exactly two years ON PURPOSE. That way you can’t be all, “I love this phone! I’m keeping it forever and I’m NEVER changing my data plan!” Because the second you say that? Your phone dies, all your contact are lost and all apps erased. So stop jinxing yourself and keep your mouth shut.

The best part of Friday (my birthday) was the concert. I was invited by some darn awesome folks to go to a concert Friday night for one of my favorite singer/songwriters. It was at this awesome old theater in Philly, coincidentally the same one in which I saw my first musical, “Annie.” No, those two things have nothing to do with one another. Yes, I’m aware that’s not actually a coincidence. Just humor me and pretend it is because I’m a delicate flower.

So these awesome peeps had awesome tix and we were in row J, which is pretty darn good. After the opening act, a friend of theirs had an extra ticket in the second row. And I got to move up. ZOMG!  As in, I was so close the people on stage could sweat on me and I could see every wrinkle, pimple and chin hair. You know, if the people on stage actually HAD those things.

It was an awesome show. I was reduced to tears during one of my favorite songs. Maybe because that song is so powerful for me and maybe because I’ve used it for one of my little homemade videos. It got even awesomer (IT IS SO A WORD) after the show when my friends revealed they also had VIP passes for backstage. So we headed to the alley where the buses were parked and fans were gathered to get a glimpse of the band and we were taken in back stage.

We actually sat and chatted and laughed and told stories with the same people I just rocked out with for a few hours. They wished me a happy birthday and talked about weddings and dogs. It was amazing. Amazing because people I love listening to making music are actual decent human beings. Gracious, kind and loving human beings with brains who read books and have thoughts about the way the world works. Two hours later we headed out and they got ready to get back on the road and I got a picture with her. Oh yes I did. And no, you can’t see it. I look like hell (it was 1am, yo. Way past my bedtime. Carriage turned back into a pumpkin and everything).

Ok fine. Here:

It was totally worth having to detour at 1am on the way home because they closed the bridge I usually take home. It was worth being woken up an hour later and being up the rest of the night with the Bugaboo. No, really!  WORTH IT.

Then we spent the rest of the weekend preparing for THE HURRICANE. You know, cleaning up the yard so things don’t fly through the window, making sure we were caught up on laundry and food shopping in case we were stuck inside for a week. We spent the storm playing every board game, crossword puzzle and Sudoku we had access to. We were lucky and never lost power and didn’t get one drop of water in our basement, though we had about a foot of standing water in our yard at one point. That  the dogs happily sloshed around in because they know how much we love it when they do that.

Schools are still closed today. Well, Bug Boy’s is because many people in our neighborhood still have downed trees and no power. Bugaboo’s school is in session today but no transportation and it is an hour each way so it meant I was either driving four hours today (an hour there and back, am and pm) or driving , sitting in a coffee shop with wifi all day and then driving home.

Damn. Shoulda done the coffee shop.

But magical birthday will be replaced by magical eat-and-sleep weekend starting on Friday. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

  1. jimreeve says:

    Glad you had a good birthday Marj. And 40 is the new 30 anyway.

  2. So glad your birthday was awesome. Not to mention that you got to celebratin before old Sandy came in!

    My phones would last a lot longer if I just quit using the toilet. If they make it past the 6 month mark, I’m doing well! So consider yourself lucky-have fun with your new phone.

  3. Meg says:

    Happy birthday!! And enjoy your eat-and-sleep weekend!

  4. Sue Warren says:

    Happy for you for so many great birthday memories. Now on to the eat/sleep anniversary weekend with your guy.

  5. Happy birthday, sweet thing.


    Eat and sleep weekend? Gotta get me one of those.

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