Pants Optional Party


October 19, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

Bugaboo likes to be clothes-less.

In our house, pants are always optional. You know, for him? I mean, I wear pants. Most of the time. Which is the story I’m sticking with.  And when we have family gatherings and he suddenly bolts through the room, sans anything on the bottom, my bro-in-law points out  “It’s a pants-optional party!”  Except that’s kind of a misnomer, since Bugaboo typically opts NOT to have pants on.

Lately, however, he is obsessed with his pajama pants. Now, I’ve mentioned this before but if he isn’t streaking through the house pressing his nekkid buns on the front window or doing nekkid-full-monty handstands in the gigantic bay window, he’s changing his bottoms repeatedly. We still have him wear a pull-up at night because sometimes he’s in such a deep sleep he doesn’t wake up to pee and he is a super-pee-er, which means he is drenched from head to toe. Which also means he’s cold, cranky and wide awake when that happens. So we put a pull-up on him.

But he now thinks that EVERY TIME he wears pajama bottoms he MUST have a pull-up on as well. Even if it is 3pm. Even at 10 in the morning. Every. Single. Time. And he’s been toilet-trained for about two years so he doesn’t actually need to wear them. And he doesn’t wet or soil them. In fact, every time he goes to the toilet he wants to take it off and put a brand-spanking-new one on.

The other day we had errands to run and he wanted to wear the pjs. But it was Saturday and normally I’m relaxed about it. I mean, if he wants pajama pants, who cares, right?  Right. Except that he’s sorta-kinda addicted to one particular pair of pajama pants (he’s wearing them HERE).They’ve almost become a security blanket for him, odd since he never really went through that phase. But he MUST HAVE THESE PANTS at all times. We even have two pairs of THE SAME PANTS. But somehow he knows THIS pair is softer, more worn, dingier, smellier. I have to wrestle the pants away from him to wash them. On weekends they have remnants of cheese doodles or pizza on them and they smell like, well, they smell like BOY. So wash them, I must. Talk like Yoda, I must.

Now, if I manage to get them away from him, toss them in the wash and dry them? He will refuse to wear any other pants until they come back out. He’ll also sneak down to the laundry room and if I’ve left the door open he stops the washer or dryer and puts them on, dampness, soaked in suds, you name it. And then has the audacity to complain about it.

One day he was getting ready for school and was mighty ticked off I wouldn’t let him wear the pants. So he slung the pants around his neck and off to school he went. Pick your battles, right? And that afternoon when he stepped off the bus? You guessed it. He had the pants on.

But lest you think this is purely a Bugaboo phenomenon? The flannel pants that we purchased this summer for after diving meets are now Bug Boy’s favorite pants. Fortunately I found an EXACT PAIR at Goodwill, just as washed and worn and the same size. Which means he can change his pants twice a week now! (I KEEEED. Maybe.)


15 thoughts on “Pants Optional Party

  1. He is one smart boy because he just knows that pajama pants are the child’s version of our yoga pants! Except that we don’t like to wear them soaking wet. I have one pair of yoga pants that I wear until I absolutely HAVE to wash them. They fit perfectly. And never, ever underestimate the power of Febreze. Wash you must, unless you can Febreze. It is my friend.

    Pajama pants around the neck could be like the preppie fashion statement from the 80s-only much cooler. I think your boy is a great trendsetter. Someday he’ll design the versatile pj pants that come home from the store feeling like they’ve been washed a gazillion times and will never need washing. And we’ll all say “Hey we used to read his Mom’s blog!”

    My son’s obsession for a long time was his Sonic The Hedgehog shirt. He wanted to wear it EVERY DAY. Apparently it was tasty, because he chewed holes in it and still insisted on wearing it, Then I accidentally on purpose lost it. Oops. Once he finally recovered he moved on to an Iowa State sweatshirt. He’s chewed the sleeve cuffs until they pretty much fell off. Yummy.

    Great job on the Goodwill find-I hope that works out for ya! Hooray for the possibility of twice a week pants changes! 🙂

  2. my yoga pants make me swampy in like four minutes flat.

    Total score on the second set of matching pjs! That’s awesome. How dirty can one pair get in 3.5 days, really?

  3. Janna R. a.k.a. treadpath says:

    My mom used to get irritated at me because she was of the philosophy that when you find clothing that you like, you get several (usually in different colors). And when I was a teen, she would buy me jeans, two pairs of the exact same size and kind, so I would, you know, have pants. And I would wear one pair to the exclusion of the other because IT FELT DIFFERENT. Really. It did. I feel, you, Bugaboo… they are different!!!

    Also, in reference to the pants-optional party, I used to work at a company that was casual dress all the time, so when clients visited we had “Professional Day” and had to dress up. It was like Backwards Day all the time. 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for reminding me to hem my yoga pants. All this rainy weather causes them to have the wettening at the cuffs. Mmm… ice cold wet cotton-spandex on my bare ankles!

  4. jimreeve says:

    My son is kinda the same except that he refuses to wear socks or underwear to bed. And I’m glad that he doesn’t go streaking that often. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy not wearing pants every once in a while?

  5. Maggie S. says:

    I think I agree. Two “same” pair of pants are not the same. Remember 501’s? Maybe that was regional, but I had 8 pair in various stages of wear. One always wore out faster than the rest.

  6. confessionsfromhh6 says:

    No 2 items of clothing are the same. The material may have come off a different bolt, a different machine may have cut it, and different machines (or people) may have sewn it. My MIL was a seamtress way back when, and she said it drove her nuts. There was a standard, but within a range.

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