It’s All in the Details


October 5, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

Living with “attention to detail” can be a blessing and a curse.

Hiding from the lawn mower man.

See, noticing EVERY. LITTLE. THING. in your environment can be overwhelming and exhausting. I’m proud that I’m good at this sort of thing but at the same time? It would be nice if I could shut my brain for just a leeeetle while.

My kids have inherited this. To the nth degree. Bug Boy is like his mommy in the, “This bottle of ice tea has been moved thirty degrees! DID YOU DRINK MY ICE TEA?” And Bugaboo? It’s no wonder he shuts down after a while. If everything is louder/smells more/brighter/feels worse to him, wouldn’t you block the world out, too? Yep.

Sometimes I just need a mental health day to deal with it. And when the lack of sleep thing comes into play, I’m twitchier. I actually have a more difficult time falling asleep because I’m so effing overstimulated. Makes perfect sense, right? And the less Bugaboo sleeps, the more difficult it is for him to sleep. And the more difficult it is for him to function. It’s a vicious cycle. If he doesn’t sleep, he’s more hyper, more aware and more agitated. You’d think it would slow him down but UH UH. It just amplifies everything.

Of course, I’ve been conducting a few experiments. One of our castle guys for the kids’ toy castle downstairs has been sitting in the grass FOR MONTHS. It all started when my nephew took a few castle guys to the sandbox and left them there. We recovered a few of them that week but I didn’t realize there was still one in there. A digging puppy found the last one and carried it around the yard to chew, dropping it in its current position. I thought about picking it up a few times but I purposely left it to see if The Guy I Live With will pick it up when he picks up the yard before he cuts the lawn.

It has been sitting there since the beginning of summer.

Let’s paint a pretty little tree right here.

But who am I to judge? I had a tree planted in my yard yesterday and it took me all day to notice it. And I knew it was coming. And it’s about 15 feet tall, with red and orange leaves.

In direct line with my driveway, so I should notice it when I’m pulling up my driveway, right?


And I didn’t.

Also didn’t notice it when I went into the backyard to hose my shoes off (because I stepped in dog-do taking the trash out. I didn’t notice it when I was taking the trash out, either).

It wasn’t until hours later, when I pulled into the driveway AGAIN, that I noticed the tree was there. This leads me to a few conclusions:

A)The tree wasn’t planted until I went out the second time.

2)The tree was planted while I was out the first time but I was so freaking tired I didn’t notice.

D)The tree was planted while I was home, between the first and second trips out of the house, while I was taking a nap. And proving my dogs are utterly useless when it comes to home security, since it required these people pulling up in a gigantic truck, digging a giant hole, putting the tree in the whole, planting, mulching, watering the tree and then cleaning up. When they planted a tree for us previously this process took AN HOUR.

11)I was so overstimulated from my two-hour meeting and the hour drive (hour each way) and resulting hunger that all I could think about was FOOD FOOD FOOD MUST EAT NAO.

Either way, it’s a nice tree.

Dontcha think?


6 thoughts on “It’s All in the Details

  1. Patty says:

    I love this! I can so relate. I will notice the strangest details, and sometimes wish I could turn it off. Then other times, the hugest thing will go unnoticed by me. Strange.

  2. jimreeve says:

    Sometimes if my wife and I need a mental health day, we’ll go to the pier to watch the waves rolling. So I think that you noticing the tree was your mind’s way of saying you need a break right now. The next time you feel a need to mentally unwind, go look at the tree. It will help clear your mind and refocus.

  3. Haaahaaahaaa…and yes it IS a lovely tree! BTW…I am laughing with you as this kinda thing happens to me all the time now. 😀

  4. I don’t notice much of anything because I’m ADD, parenting a child who is also ADD (among lots of other fun undiagnosed stuff). We’re lucky if we get all of our clothes on the right way.

    I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as your tree. That’s all I’ve got today.

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