Hair We Go Again


August 16, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

Hi, my name is DG and it has been nine months since my last hair cut.

As in November.  That’s almost ten months.

Let’s just say it’s a bit longer than it has been in a long time. It has been eleven years since the last time it was this long (below my bra strap by about three inches). I like my hair long. I like my hair short. My hair grows pretty quickly so in eighteen months I’ve gone from below shoulder length to move-my-hair-out-of-the-way-so-it-doesn’t-get-caught length.

Here are some I’ve had in the past few years:

Beauty School Drop Out. Went back to high school (because clearly I have no talent in hair). Before I went grey and began coloring it.

At my sister’s wedding (three years ago in October)

O Hai! Also three years ago (this december)

Why hello there. Two years ago. This is the one the husband liked the best.

Staying alive, staying alive, oh, oh, oh, oh…fifteen months ago

Last October at Rocky Horror. This crappy picture brought to you today by Droid.

All dolled up for a date this past spring. Hair is straightened. And brushed. For once.

Probably the most current picture I have. This was just in May. That’s three months ago for those of you not good at math.

I lied. I just took this one so THIS is the most recent I have. Wet hair and all.

So what should I do? I cannot donate it to most places because my hair has been grey for ten years (so I’ve been coloring it that long. Well, longer. Prolly fifteen years, since I had a blonde phase). I love having it long because I don’t have to do a dang thing to it (but let it dry). I’m considering letting the bangs grow out and then getting long layers in my hair to give it more…I dunno, shape?

I know, such a first world problem.

But my hair is pretty much the ONLY thing I spend ANY time on at all. And I don’t spend any time on it, save three or four haircuts a year.

I also suck at making decisions. Thinking of doing this. Except red:

Yes, I’m kidding about getting this haircut. Sort of . Or not at all.

Of course, we all know it will take me several weeks to figure this one out so there’s no hurry to decide. Could be another two or three months. So don’t wait around for before and after shots or anything.

Well then, carry on. As you were.

10 thoughts on “Hair We Go Again

  1. Ahem – when I cut my hair off, that’s pretty much the haircut I got.

    It was a good look for me (you can see it if you look at the “About” page on our blog (also me with the extra 100lbs…), but like I said – flat ironing daily it was a pain.

  2. Stimey says:

    I also cut my hair about once a year. I chop it to shoulder length, plan to go back in three months, and then notice that the seasons have changed three times and I am always annoyed at how much hair I have. Also, I think you could totally pull off that last hairstyle.

  3. jimreeve says:

    I’m lucky to be a guy. I just shave my head and presto. And Jacob lets me do the same to his hair, even with the loud noise of the clippers. Just remember, it’s only hair. I know some women see it as their identity, but even if you shaved your head bald, it will still come back.

  4. Bec Oakley says:

    I haven’t cut my hair in two years. I have a serious hairdresser phobia, but I’m so over it being long. All I do is put it up anyway so what’s the point? So I get myself all steeled to cut it off, but can’t bring myself to actually GO there…

    • OMG I HAVE HAIRDRESSER PHOBIA. For realz, I don’t like ANYONE touching my hair. Not even family. It was even in my birth plan. DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR!!!

      Same hairdresser for ten years now. I know she’s retiring. Then I’l never get it cut again.

      • Bec Oakley says:

        LOL birth plan 🙂 Yeah see that’s what happened to me, my hairdresser had a baby. Some people can be so incredibly selfish.

        I love red too but it washes out sooooo easily. Wish we lived closer, then I’d come over and we could drink wine and cut our own hair together.

  5. Jennie B says:

    I love the one from 15 months ago and the staying alive pictures. Plus, if you go short you don’t have to cut it again for a while. But honestly the best haircuts are the ones you don’t have to style much – wash and go. Because who has time for a hairdryer?

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