This is a Post About Nothing.


July 16, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

Star Wars Nerd

At least I have a cool house key to talk about, right? Meh.

I’m hoping this “brain so frozen and mushy I can’t think of topics” phase will end. Writer’s Block is perhaps the lamest thing I’ve ever experience. I mean, my life has plenty of blog fodder and I certainly have no shortage of things to write about, considering the fact that I am never, EVER bored. I’d pay for boredom! But, yep.

Still got nothin‘.

The truth is there is nothing I WANT to write about. I’m tired of whining about the mud in my back yard (it rained!  It hasn’t rained in about a month! We have mud! I’m happy to have mud! Mostly). I’m tired of whining about dogs (I’m allergic to dogs. Yes, I’m a dog sitter. No, I’m not planning on getting rid of them any time soon). I’m tired of writing about the poo in my life. Except right now…dare I say it? There isn’t much poo to speak of. The beauty of potty training is it all gets flushed and there is rarely any to deal with. You know, unless he’s, say, holding it in at school and goes swimming? And what do many, many, MANY special kids do the second the step their toes in the water?


He hasn’t done much of that at home, thankfully. We did have an accident last week at the swim club where we made it all the way to the bathroom and he was screaming at me and he went NEXT TO the toilet and that was sure fun to clean up!

Except I don’t want to write about that.

Oops. Kinda just did.

Key's ass

And here’s the back of the key. Exciting, no?

Anywho, there really isn’t anything NEW! and EXCITING! going on in my life. It’s so mundane and same-ole-same-ole I’m not sure anything really merits an exclamation point. Heck, I’m not sure anything requires BOLD or italics, even. And if y’all have been reading a while, you know I’m not only the Domestic Goddess, but the Queen of Overused Punctuation and Font Style. Nary a strikethrough. Whiskey, tango, foxtrot. See? I normally bold that. Just can’t bring myself to do it. Meh.

Of course, if there is nothing I want to write about, that could mean that my life is…shall I say…ordinary? Like, status quo? We’re just plugging along doing our thing.

We’re getting some sleep, the Bugaboo has been a happy Bugaboo, the Bug Boy is turning into a teenager (more on that amazing phenomenon later) and that’s about it.Oh, and I’m going through the change of life. No, for real. As in, confirmed and tested by a Lady Parts Doc and everyone’s all OMFSM THAT IS SO EARLY and I’m all NO EFFING SHIZ AND I’M NOT SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. I’d be upset about it but I cannot currently put two coherent thoughts together and the hot flashes have me so miserable I’ve been turning the air on to subarctic temperatures and while the rest of my family shivers with their teeth shattering I’m throwing the covers off at 2am drenched in the evil night sweats.

Yep. Totally nothing to see here. Move along, move along. These aren’t the droids you are looking for...

(See? Made a whole post on nothing!  Now THAT’S some talent! Speaking of AMAZING TALENT, Please go HERE and read about my nonsense on Aiming Low!

7 thoughts on “This is a Post About Nothing.

  1. Sandy says:

    Im glad things have settled a little for you. I went through “the change” at 38 and heard the same things. I thought, great, go ahead and get this over with and then smooth sailing. I didn’t know that it doesn’t just work like that. I’m 44 now and though not quite as bad, it is a freaking nightmare.

    My only advice is, early on, if you’re not into physical fitness, get to be now, before it gets any later. I was reasonably thin and had a little stomach pooch, but otherwise looked great. I have never been physically active and figured I was just lucky. Boy “things” rearranged themselves very quickly! I think it’s going to be harder to unarrange them now than if I had maintained where they were to begin with! Ceiling fans and an insulated jug of ice water beside your bed to drink, (not pour over your head, even though you will want to) will help some.


    • Bec Oakley says:

      I hear ya on the rearranging there Sandy! That was a really nice bonus surprise with early menopause. And LOVE that key, me wantie…

  2. Stimey says:

    You know what I wish this post had? More photos of keys.

    Hopefully things stay clam and the hot flashes ebb and are not replaced by any other bad things.

  3. renee says:

    just so ya know. im pregnant and so my brain also total mush. i can barely remember five min ago so your post on nothing, totaly loved it! And tomorow when i happen upon it i will read it again and think the same thing not having remembered that i already read it!

  4. Karen says:

    One of my sisters is having those evil night sweats. She wakes up absolutely drenched, wet hair, shivering. Cries often, for no apparent reason. But I guess one would cry when told by a tween daughter “Ugh Mom. You smell! What’s wrong with you?”

    Yeah, that would make me cry. Even more than The Wonderpets (now playing on a television near me).

  5. confessionsfromhh6 says:

    Hot flashes AND a boy who’s entering the teen years? That’s just wrong on so many levels. We’re starting to go through the teen thing here too. We thought the older one was FINALLY starting to get it. All those years of consistency had finally paid off! Then one day he woke up and it was like his brain fell out his butt. It’s like we’re back to square one.

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