Autism is…A Community. (Now with More Ryan Gosling!)


April 13, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

One of the most awesomesauce part of autism? Finding a community of amazing (A. MAY. ZING) parents, autistics and specialists for support. The Internet can be a lousy resource (Paging Dr. Google) but it can also be Wonderfully Helpful. Which is why I am in the midst of updating my Special Needs Resource page. See it up there? Next to “People I stalk” (Sorry about that, by the way)?  I am trying to get all my homies listed up there. My posse. My Autism Peeps. So if I’ve forgotten you? PLEASE TO GIVE LINKY. KTHXBAI.

Also! It’s Friday. This can only mean one thing. RYAN GOSLING.

couldn't resist

Extreme Makeover Ryan Edition

Mmmm...Momma like.

And last but not least…

Isn’t this fun?

See, this other awesomesauce Autism Mom (Sunday Stillwell at Extreme Parenthood) does this Hella Fun spin on that ole Ryan Gosling Meme. I mean, who doesn’t like Ryan Gosling?  (BE QUIET. WHO ASKED YOU?  Oh, I did? My bad).

Anywho, gotta go click the linky and go click other linky thingies and see more funny Ryan Gosling stuff. Because he’s hot. And saves people from taxis. And builds nice houses. And dammit, that scene in the rain…

But this is the thing I was talking about. Community. Being a part of a large community. People who care for one another. People who help one another. I have IRL peeps and Internet Stalkers Peeps and it’s awesome when you can find people to go on this journey with you. People who can tell it like it is. Who keep it real. Who pick you up when you are down. Who give you suggestions to help with your kids. You know, takes a village and whatnot.

For realz.

Happy Friday.


10 thoughts on “Autism is…A Community. (Now with More Ryan Gosling!)

  1. Flannery says:

    We might not all always agree when we’re bickering on Facebook, but, dammit, we can all agree on Ryan.

    Ryan builds bridges. And other stuff. Dirty stuff.

  2. I love your Ryan, ya think he would mind helping us build an autism-friendly house, too 🙂

  3. dlgreene says:

    Yowza… I bet there’s no fever that Ryan can’t cure! And I could feel that sexy stare of his right through the screen… I do so love Special Needs Ryan Gosling day & yours were awesome.

  4. Mmm bites. If Ryan had been the lead in Twilight, I probably would’ve been a fan. Sexiness is the glue that holds all our sanity together.

  5. Maria D. says:

    OMG the cowbell one made me laugh a lot! And Ryan can solve any fight, even in real life, he’s that awesome! 🙂

  6. Patty says:

    So terrific! I agree about the autism community. The internet and blogging and the friends I have met through them have saved me. Seriously!

    And I love the cowbell….all of these are hysterical!

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