Autism is…Never Boring. EVER.


April 6, 2012 by Marj Hatzell


verb (used with object)


to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attentions, etc.: The long speech bored me.

I often joke that my life may be hectic and chaotic and sleep-deprived and hella stressful but at least I’m never bored, right?

I mean, I’d pay money to be bored. I do pay money to be bored, two weekends a year. When my sibs take over for 72 hours and give us a break. Then we go someplace kinda boring and sleep and eat and sleep and eat and then sleep some more. And then there’s some WINK, WINK, NUDGE, NUDGE. But you get the picture.

I’m rarely, if ever, bored. I can’t think of the last time I was bored. I mean, I can’t even go into the bathroom and be bored, I have to leave the door open to make sure it doesn’t get a Sh*t Ton more exciting while I’m in there, yo.

Let’s examine the definition of boring (bore):

dullness, tedious repetition

Nope. And Nope.

Never dull. Dull would be like NOT EXCITING. And it’s exciting around here alright. I mean, eight or so ER visits in one year, stacks of paperwork, constant house repairs, dogs and kids up to my eyeballs, cleaning poo and pee from carpets and furniture and walls, hyper vigilance, elopement…never a dull moment.

Sounds like a party, eh?

I mean, where else could you watch Thomas all night long or spend 35 minutes scrubbing motor oil off of your child’s skin? NOWHERE ELSE. It’s like Disney! Without the scary stuffed costumed people and light parade and…ok, it’s nothing like Disney.

But I’m absosmurfly never bored.

And I’d pay money to become so.

4 thoughts on “Autism is…Never Boring. EVER.

  1. jillsmo says:

    “Absosmurfly” is a fantastic word

  2. James says:

    I am a Father of a six year old son with autism and I find that it can be frustrating He only engages when he wants something, never to satisfy a curiosity or to express interests. He doesn’t speak very many words and I have no idea (and believe me I try constantly) about any of his thoughts or feelings. He doesn’t like being tickled, or cuddled, he rarely smiles and never laughs. The irony is I went down to 3 days of work when he was born, because my Father had to work away a lot and I wanted my Son to see a bit more of me. Sadly his Mother and I are no longer together and he now lives half the week with her. I am begining to suspect that as far as my Son is concerned so long as there is someone around to open a cupboard and hand out crisps, it really doesn’t matter who they are. So no, never boring just heartbreakingly tedious.

    • It certainly isn’t easy. Tedious is a good word. I will tell you that eventually it DOES get better. Bugaboo at 6 was totally different than the Bugaboo we have at 10.5. He isn’t a hugger and doesn’t always want our attention but I annoy the hell out of him and follow him around and constantly try to engage him. It eventually paid off. Eventually we got to a point where he could communicate a little more. Eventually he would allow us to “cuddle” by getting very close to us on the bed and sticking his feet under me (I’LL TAKE IT!) or putting his face close to mine (his version of kiss). It’s hard. It feels like rejection. But you are one of his rocks. Trust me. It seems like he doesn’t care as long as he gets his snacks but you’re his world. Keep plugging away. It will get there.

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