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March 14, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

There isn’t much that could keep me from doing my daily NYT crosswords or sudoku. I’m a bit of a puzzle addict (I proudly admit that I come from a long line of puzzle people, my Dad and Nana included and I’m passing it on to Bug boy) and besides, it breaks up the mundane in my life. You know, if my life were boring and I had tons of downtime. And got plenty of sleep. HAHAHA!!!! See! That was a funny! HAHAH!! I AM SO FUNNY!!! DOWNTIME!!! HAHA!!!

Ahem. Still, I look forward to my puzzles because they make me feel SMAHT and stuff. And hopefully will keep my brain from turning into a bowl of goo.

See? All that Jeopardy/Trivial Pursuit knowledge is good for something! And I finally found use for four years of French and three of Spanish! And the one semester each of German and Latin! And eleven psych classes! And four majors! CROSSWORDS!

Anywho, like I said, not much could keep me from my puzzles. Yet here I sit, two days behind, because I am cheating on my beloved puzzles. Alas, I have jumped on the band wagon and joined my friends in the newest mobile app addiction. No, not Words With Friends, that was soooo 2010 and besides, I got frustrated I couldn’t beat my super smart cousin with five meeeelion degrees who is on law school and has an IQ of 30,000. Actually it was mostly because people kept resigning games on me because too much time would pass between turns and stuff (totally because I can’t beat my cuz). And then here’s that little problem with me being hyperlexic and dreaming of letter placement. Sudoku was supposed to cure that. Instead, I now dream of number combinations, but only one through nine.

What’s the new app, you asked? Oh, you didn’t? Well, beings I am a nice person and stuff, I’m going to enlighten you because I am awesome that way. All eleven of you loyal followers are in for a real treat. Without further ado:


My game with Sunday Stillwell, of Extreme Parenthood


Thats my game with THE JULIA ROBERTS. You know, the celebrity from Kidneys and Eyes?


My sister in law and I have a game going.


Look Kids!  Big Ben!  Sunday, Again!


This one is one of my NINE MEEEELION Cousins.

And there are plenty more. Yes, I’m aware I overdraw everything. That’s the fun of it. I used to be a master of Pictionary. Unlike The Guy I Live With, who would draw a perfect scale model of a cell, complete with endoplasmic reticulum and I’d guess,”CELL.” and he’d be all, “there’s an O! You know, CELL-O” and I’d be all, “dude, that’s CELLO. Like the instrument?” Yeah. The Guy I Live With doesn’t play me. don’t even get me started on the time I drew Italy with Corsica and Sicily included and he guessed, “AUSTRALIA!!!!”

Let’s just say some people are a little more visual/spatial and some are a little more mechanically inclined (hint: I am not the mechanically gifted one).

Anyways, Draw Something. I Haz a sickness.

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