Tiny Violins are Playing


February 22, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

Bug Boy plays the violin. Well, he takes lessons at school and enjoys it and sometimes he EVEN PRACTICES!  And it doesn’t always sound like fighting cats! But he enjoys it muchly so we persevere and this summer he plans on taking percussion lessons so he can be in band AND orchestra!

Sniff, sniff. My little nerd. So proud.

Anyways, when you’re a kid and you play violin you start out with smaller violins. Like, he started with a quarter size and then worked up to a half-size and now has a three-quarter size. He had the half-size for about six months and he needed to go up to the three-quarter because OH WHAT DO YOU KNOW, HE GREW. Kids do that, it turns out.

Bug Boy started asking me in November about taking the violin rental back to the shop and exchanging it for the next size. You don’t buy one until they are full size, see, because they change often and it’s kinda a waste of money? Like sorta? Anywho, he asked. Then stuff happened. Then more stuff happened. And finally, this weekend, my poor child was all, “MOOOOOM PLEEEEASE take me to get the new violin!  AND ROSIN!  I NEED IT!” And since he has this fancy-schmancy concert deal to play in, I obliged.

He went to school yesterday and pulled it out to play it for orchestra practice and the chin rest was broken. Ugh.  So back to the shop we had to go. Last night after dinner I rallied the troops, loaded everyone in the car (this is harder than it seems with my kids. It’s like a three-ring circus) and told Bug Boy to grab his violin, and yes, you DO have to go exchange it, it’s your violin!  You have to tell them why! I don’t play violin!  And no, you can’t bring the iPad…oh fine. Bring it. Your brother might need it, it’s charged.

We get to the store, thirty minutes away, he steps out of the car and suddenly a look of horror washes over his face (you know where this is going, right?)…

He forgot the violin. You know, the whole reason I dragged them out on a school night?  The violin we have been TRYING to replace for three months? THE VERY SAME ONE.

And Mommy and Daddy were not amused. So today I’m being a super-awesome-nice-Mommy (better win awards for this one, yo) and I’m enabling him taking the violin to be exchanged while he’s at school.  Because it will never get done otherwise and it could be another three months or more and by then he will be in a full-size. And then I’ll be the Worst Mother in the Whole Wide World. Again.

(btw, if you look over there—–> please notice I added some boxes and stuff and I also added the link to my once-defunct-now-resurrected dog blog, Crazy Dog Lady. Plz like me nao!)

2 thoughts on “Tiny Violins are Playing

  1. joeinvegas says:

    Our granddaughter plays violin too, and seems to like it (at least she isn’t screaming at practice). I was forced to play one and hated it.

  2. RED says:

    My daughter turned 7 today (sniff, sniff) and wants a VIOLIN and a CELLO TODAY!!!!! So you can’t be the worst mommy EVER because I haven’t managed to get those yet….

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