Valentine Vlog


February 14, 2012 by Marj Hatzell


Oops, I did it again. Made a vlog. And I ramble. And can’t sit still and I move all over the place and twirl my hair and stuff.

This is why I’m not on tv. I mean, I’ve been on tv, but for a living. Like stuff.

Anywho, watch it here. And pay no attention when I try to show you the tree because I totally screw it up.




Also? I made a purty picture because I love memes (NOT):


3 thoughts on “Valentine Vlog

  1. texasaurus says:

    I hope all the kids and dogs fall asleep early and you and the mister goddess can at least give each other adult shoulder and foot massages. and maybe sneak in a sip of wine or two.

  2. Karen V. says:

    I follow you but don’t comment a lot. This blog though was sooo cool, I couldn’t help but tell you! It takes a lot of strength to get out there and vlog yourself and you do it with such ease! And I fell like we’re just both standing around and you are telling me this story.

    Btw, I get what you’re saying about back in the day, but don’t you think you’d have a different experience now? Buy yourself your own yellow roses and tell him to get something else. I’m guessing he has a cell phone now- don’t deprive yourself! You might enjoy it… 🙂

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