I Love to be Interviewed. No Really, I do.


February 6, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

One of the neato keen things about this bloggy stuff is that I get do things I don’t think I would get to do if it weren’t for the magic of the Internets. I have been interviewed by local tv stations twice for little human interest stories and I have been interviewed for blogs and websites. The latest interview was published today on The Thinking Persons Guide to Autism, one of my favorite sites. They have a dandy book out, by the way.

Anyways. I love to be interviewed. I love helping out grad students with their research papers. We have volunteered several summers in a row to have students come and observe our kids at home. We always say yes when we are visiting a specialist and they ask if a student can sit in. If someone needs information to write a paper? We are there. And I don’t do this because I want my kids to be guinea pigs.

I do it so we can show people what it is really like to be like, well, US. Sure, they aren’t living our lives but they can certainly get a glimpse onto our day-to-day operations. But I don’t want assumptions. I don’t want misconceptions. We don’t need perpetuated stereotypes. Or pity. Or negativity.

The only way to cure ignorance is with information, see. A little education goes a long way.

Now, I realize not everyone lives the way we do. I know folks have it worse than we do. Heck, we have it pretty good, in my humble opinion. But It doesn’t help our case any if we don’t share. The more people we can educate, the better I feel. Even if I only change one person’s perception I will have done a good job.

Wanna know what’s funny? No? Well, I will enlighten you anyway because I am awesome like that. What’s funny is I originally felt that I needed a life outside of autism and started this whole blogging thing seven years ago for that escape. I did it to have a place to express myself and keep the whole special needs thing separate. Funny how in time your perception changes, isn’t it? What I realized is that autism is part of my life (uh, duh?) And while it isn’t my whole, entire life and my primary focus (being the bestest mommy in the whole wide world is. Well, that and avoiding being the worst Mother EVER like I was yesterday) it is part of me. It’s part of our story. And even though I don’t wanna be all AUTISM 24/7/365 it will have to be mentioned once in a while, right? Just like my colon. But I reserve that special TMI for vlogs.

You are so very welcome.


2 thoughts on “I Love to be Interviewed. No Really, I do.

  1. michele says:

    This is awesomenisity!

  2. mrsstone says:

    Just read your insterview over at TPGTA and clicked the link to here. Then thought, there’s that woman who keep popping up in my small bloggy world. She must be OK. And so you are. I’ve added you to my Blog’s blog list, a rare honour 🙂

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