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February 2, 2012 by Marj Hatzell

I don’t know if you noticed, but I desperately need a blog redesign and in my spare time I plan on doing that.


That was a joke. I don’t have spare time. Silly.

Anyways, since I’m still technically a member of the “Too Stoopid to Say No Club” I tend to overcommit myself and make myself do stuff. Mostly because I have ADHD and can’t sit still so I must keep busy. Either that or I rearrange furniture, paint walls and compulsively shop. So to prevent that, I do stuffs.

One of the stuffs I do that I LOVE is this Blog stuff. I have this wildly unsuccessful blog! And also? I blog at Aiming Low, my favorite place on the Internets. It’s funny stuff. And not-so-funny stuff. But I do it mostly because:

  • I do very little JUST for myself
  • I’m doing this JUST for myself
  • It’s fun
  • All the cool kids do it

But you prolly didn’t know that because I only mention it once in a while, unless you are following my FaceSpace page. And even though I have it on the sidebar over there ——————->  you wouldn’t know because I sucked at my last sucktastic blog design and basically used the fastest and easiest template.  Some day I’m going to COMPLETELY do this site over. I have my own domain and stuff, why not? Either that, or I’ll pay someone else to do it, because let’s face it, I also keep talking about redoing my basement, gutting the closets and redesigning my garden beds and we’ve lived her six-going-on-seven-years and that’s only slightly shorter than I’ve had this blog and it’s never gotten done.


If you aren’t following THE DOMESTIC GODDESS at Facespace, you are making unicorns cry. And you know, they were already left off the ark and that’s just cruel so do us a favor and follow me.

And on twitter.

And google+.

And you might as well read me on Aiming Low. But be careful because I talk about TMI stuff. So don’t eat when you read.

And read other Aiming Low stuff because it’s fun.

Now excuse me, I’m going to work on this blog thing.

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