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December 30, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Here we are! Eight days into Bugaboo’s Christmas Break Extravaganza! This one has actually been fairly tolerable and enjoyable. Like, we have done fun stuff. And stuff. And we are getting a decent amount of sleep. AND! Our house isn’t in total disarray and destruction. At least we have that going for us, right? AMIRIGHT?

Dudes. Christmas Eve Bugaboo made a beeline for the fire truck with Santa on it, climbed up and sat with Santa. Well, he sat on the other side of his brother, who was sitting next to Santa (!) because it turns out strange men in red suits are tolerable when candy canes are involved. Anyways, Bugaboo leaned as far away from Santa as he could get, refused the candy cane (UH UH) and would NOT get off the truck when it was time to go. As in, refused, had to carry him off screaming and clinging to me lick a tree frog. A fifty pound, screaming and biting tree frog. So I was all, “thought we were making progress here!” and then I realized something.

Bugaboo had Santa visit at school.

The school Santa gave him a present when he visited.

Bugaboo gleefully opened said present and found a cherished item inside (slinky)

Next year momma won’t be a screw up and will bring a slinky to the firetruck Santa. Or m&ms.

Anywho, see it from his perspective? Gee, I practiced this a few times and suddenly the outcome was much different than usual. I am pissed off. Where is my slinky? And what’s with this candy cane crap?

Even better was Christmas morning. He opened the two things I wrapped. And looked in his stocking. And played with new stuff. I consider it a win.

In fact, this whole week? We have tried to keep it low key and low pressure. Tuesday was his birthday and we didn’t do cake or presents or anything. And he was fine with that. In fact, we gave him a list of places to go celebrate his birthday and he picked…a certain Swedish Furniture Store with awesome sticky buns and meatballs. Yep. For his birthday. And we can’t figure out what it is about that store he likes, since he sits in the cart and refuses to get out for most of it. He won’t even eat anything there. So. Who knows? Maybe because it always looks the same and is fairly predictable? All I know is he LOVES going there. We even let him walk around and show us where he wanted to go. He merely walked around the usual path, but backwards. And climbed in a few beds. That was fun. Then he sat in the cart playing spelling games on his iPad. Yep. Nest birthday ever!

Yesterday we went to this awesome sauce little railroad and road the old timey train, complete with coal burning pot belly stove. Bugaboo was all smiles. He actually waited in line pretty well, waited the twenty minutes it took to get on the train and sat beaming from ear to ear the entire time. Minimal meltdowns (except when it was time to leave) and he seemed to enjoy himself. Another win!

Wanna know why I am telling you this? If you read back over a few Decembers you will see we have made tiny bits of improvement every year. Each school break gets easier and easier. Each vacation is more and more tolerable. He handles it better each time. And so do we.

It can still be a little stressful (stim stim stim stim) but it feels so good to be able to, I dunno, enjoy the holiday a little bit? Instead of cringing at the mere thought of them? Even if he does go through six or seven outfits in one day, gets to the point where he is eating nothing but rice crackers and begs to go to the Red Bullseye Store at 6am on Christmas Day, I will take it. Every little step, every little triumph. I will celebrate it everyday.

Now then. Is it Tuesday yet? Because the other one went from ten years old to fifteen over night, complete with eye rolls and snarky ness and I am totally dropping him off yesterday.

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