Massage in a Bottle


December 20, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

I got a massage today.

Now, before you tell me how jealous you are,remember how I get. These massages in the first place. See, when I was six months pregnant with Bugaboo, my car was totaled by a drunk driver. And my seat collapsed back, herniating three discs in my back. And I was pregnant, meaning I couldn’t have much by way of treatment. So it was physical therapy and that’s it. No pain meds. Couldn’t even get an xray or MRI.

Thats when I started seeing a chiro. Part of the weekly treatments, in addition to the physical therapy, is therapeutic massage. Once a week (for the past few years ) I get a twenty minute, deep tissue massage. This helps the nerve damage and knots in my back. It is my weekly slice of heaven and one of the few things that I get to do for myself.

There. Now you know why I go. Jealous? You, Too, can get weekly massages! All you need to do is get hit by a drunk driver and herniated discs in your back, throwing in some nerve damage for good measure! There’s your massage!

Problem is, the past four months I have only gone twice. Sick parents and whatnot. And naturally when I get overwhelmed and have too much on my plate, I skip doing things for myself. That’s my nature, I guess. I make sure everyone else gets to go first and get what they need.

Except sometimes, I can’t give them what they need because I am not getting what I need.

Basically,I need to get better at getting what I need.

I totally don’t make resolutions because I have this whole philosophy that it just sets keep to fail. But say I DID want to make one? It would be to take better care of myself. I am a caretaker. It’s what I do. I think I am good at it. At least, I hope so. But taking care of me? Not so much.

Here’s hoping I actually do it.

And heck,if this works? Maybe I will get my hair cut more than twice a year. Or go to the gym more regularly (let’s not get ahead of myself, here!). A girl can dream…

2 thoughts on “Massage in a Bottle

  1. I am making that same resolution…

  2. Lora says:

    it’s like on an airplane. Put your own mask on first so you can assist others around you.

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