My Happiness is All About Floors


November 14, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

I don’t know if you’ve noticed.

If you follow me on facebook or G+ or Teh Twitters you might (if you don’t FOR PITY’S SAKE, CLICK OVER THERE _____>). (And while you’re at it, please go read Aiming Low because it’s the best writing on the Internets. Just sayin’. Oh, did I mention? I write there once a week. Kinda like here!)

I haven’t complained about steam cleaning carpets. Not in weeks. Months even.

Wanna know why? We don’t have carpets. I mean, we have the one in the basement because the floor is pretty flipping cold otherwise. We pulled up the living room and dining room carpets and Bugaboo’s carpet. Bug Boy’s room is soon to follow. That will leave our bedroom and the hallway.


Well, for starters they were nasty. As in, stained, old, threadbare and gross and smelly and…you get the picture. Remember the little dog that caused the trouble?


And Bugaboo went on that MUST PEE IN MY BEDROOM MANY TIMES A DAY kick and we ripped his up, too. Then we hemmed and hawed for weeks about what type of floor we’d put down. We figured we’d leave subfloor for a few years or so. KIDDING! But we didn’t want more carpet and wood floors would just get totally EFFED UP. So we thought about laminate and I was all “It’s expensive” and “It looks fake” and then two weeks ago we were at the Orange Home Improvement Store and found a special buy that was super reasonable, made by a reputable company and we bought it.Laminate.  And put it in Bugaboo’s room. But before we did that, I thought, “Hmm, we should prolly paint the walls while we’re at it. And we should prolly do trim and stuff and paint the ceiling and..”

Basically, it turned into a major project.

But a good project, because it looks flipping awesome. And a few months ago we bought him a new bed, too, since he SHREDDED his stupid expensive nice mattress. We got him a bed from the Big Swedish Store and it cost barely anything and the mattress cover is water proof and removable and we could buy a new one for under a hundred bucks. Bugaboo picked out the bed and loves it. And goes to bed. Without incident. HE GOES TO BED, PEOPLE. And if he shreds it or pees on it? Easily cleanable AND replaceable. DUH! WINNING!

Now when he spills sticky juice or gets into soap or pees on his floor? I mop or wipe it up. And it looks nice again. It also takes minutes to clean and dry. TADA!  Awesomesauce!

And it didn’t cost much.

So the wood floors we were going to put down stairs in the Living and Dining Room? Well, we like the laminate wood floor so much we’re putting it downstairs. For the time being. Eventually we still want the nice, real, pretty oak floors. Just not yet. Because this floor? If we do the WHOLE HOUSE with the laminate it’s still less than one room with the wood floor. And it looks nice, is durable and will withstand some abuse until certain little boys improve their hygeine and neatness.

I hope.


3 thoughts on “My Happiness is All About Floors

  1. sounds like a good solution for us 🙂 do you have any pics you can post? is it all one piece or tiles?

  2. used2chaos says:

    I want pics, too! I went and got a username and password, JUST so I could comment on your stuffs, such is my love for you, Marj!

    I haz a happy about your floors. 🙂

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