Peter Pumpkin Eater


October 17, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Last night we headed to the local farm-that-gives-hayrides-and-has-pumpkins for a hayride (NO! REALLY!). Bugaboo, of course, was very excited. Mommy had the BRIGHT!  IDEA! to get dinner before our 7pm arrival time (we were going as a group to celebrate my sister’s anniversary. Because it’s fun.) and so we ventured there an hour ahead of time to get a bite to eat, walk around and look at various farm animals and perhaps play on the play equipment there. It really is a super good time for kids, though it can be a bit of a freak show for kids like Bugaboo.

Luckily, Bugaboo’s class went a few days ago, as they do every year, so he was ready.

I showed him the farm’s website (ah, technology!) and a picture of the hay wagon and said, “HEY! (pun intended) Wanna go for a hayride?” Bugaboo was giddy with excitement. So we went, ordered some food and he immediately began to gesture towards the wagons. And we sat down to eat and he pulled us towards the wagons. And then we tried to walk around (forty-five minutes early at this point!) and he pulled us towards the wagons.

Eventually we just sat near the hay wagons until it was our turn to ride. For forty-five minutes.  And naturally, he had to pee RIGHT WHEN THE WAGON SHOWED UP. This is my life, folks. Next time? We take him to pee BEFORE THE WAGON (oh  wait, we did, he didn’t go) and I tell him we’re going out to dinner and there will be a hay wagon there. Silly Mommy.

A good time was had by all. Campfire after, marshmallows and s’mores, apple cider, apple cider donuts. No, I’m not making it up. It was super dee duper. Even the part where 40 adults couldn’t keep an eye on him and he scaled the fence into the playground. That sure is fun, losing Bugaboo when it’s about fifty degrees, getting cooler, supposed to rain and PITCH DARK. Yep. I’m an awesome parent.

Anyways, one of the best parts of the trip were the pumpkins. They have a pumpkin land to buy farm fresh pumpkins. Every size and shape you could imagine. And pumpkin carvers!  And they carve things like:

Pumpkin Pi

Kurt Cobain

Amy Winehouse

And the rest of the Forever 27 Club (Janis Joplin, Mr. Hendrix, ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy – yes, I know what the real lyrics are. Shut it.). I just can’t make this shiz up, folks. It’s too good in real life.

But the best one of the night?  Helter. Skelter.

Charles Manson himself.

Charles Manson himself.

But oddly, no swastika.  I guess they thought that would be too offensive. O.o

But for your viewing pleasure, there were also giant, life-sized chickens.  And nobody I was with got the joke. But I did. So.  Anyways.

Giant Chicken. No kidding.

The thing was like thirteen feet high. Amazing.

Anyways, that was my fun this weekend. What did YOU do?

9 thoughts on “Peter Pumpkin Eater

  1. Miss Mommy says:

    Since you asked, I coughed. And then just for fun, I coughed some more.

    However that evening hay ride sounds like so much fun – I’m hoping to be better by this Saturday so we can take the kids.

  2. Michele says:

    What did I do? Wish I was with you and seeing these pumpkins in person! How coolio?!
    I did however go to the Brooklyn Bridge Carousel and didn’t ride it for fear the kids would hate it after a few spins and we’d be stuck! stuck! stuck! on it with screaming twins. The line for ice cream was way too long so we had Jacques Torres chocolate instead. Not too shabs!

  3. akbutler says:

    I get the chicken joke! Knock Knock!
    Those are some crazy pumpkins. And your hay ride sounds like ours – including the need to pee. It never fails.

  4. The chicken is hilarious! We went to Oktoberfest because they had BOUNCY HOUSES! I didn’t mention them ot the kids before we ate, but they could see them on the hill, so that’s all we heard about while we had food first.

    • Vijay says:

      Kimberley, I continue to be so thlelrid for you! Also, here’s a funny thing. That plate you’re using up above? The off-white one with the scalloped edges? Those are my dishes. I have a whole set of them (as does my mom and my sister) and they have a fun story. They were originally giveaways in boxes of dishwasher detergent in the 1950s. Next time I see you, I’ll tell you the wacky story of how my mother has been picking them up at thrift stores since 1988.

  5. joeinvegas says:

    No kids around our house. We went out and spent money. Then I got hooked on WoW. Lame

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