September 30, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it’s my favorite. I have more energy, sleep better and feel more…I dunno, exhilarated? Happier? More peaceful? Yes. This.

Notice I said sleep better. That is, relatively speaking, it’s easier for me to fall asleep, stay asleep and I get better quality sleep.

Bugaboo, however, is a different story. And Bug Boy? Not much better. They are restless, wander at all hours of the night, and are super-cranky pants until the temperature  drops.  The problem the past two weeks? HUMIDITY. Dude, it’s been gross. GROSS. Not a better word for it, really. I mean, it’s so disgusting outside that you feel greasy immediately after a shower. Mold counts are super high. In fact, we have mold growing ON OUR LAWN. You know it’s been too damp when that happens. Everything outside smells mildew-y. And everyone feels like crap from allergies because it just won’t dry out around here.

We had a tropical storm, a hurricane, a tropical depression and then rain every single day for two weeks. Every. Single. Day. The sun came out yesterday, a breeze kicked up and suddenly the humidity dropped by the tens. The problem? Dampness and rain bring mosquitos. The kids play outside for twenty seconds and they are COVERED in bites and welts. And Bug Boy is allergic to them so it’s all kinds of fun. But hey, who am I to complain? The sun came out. And it’s really only in the high seventies to low eighties so it isn’t THAT bad. It’s just…fall. And leaves are starting to drop. And the nights should be cooler. You know, that great open-windows-during-daytime-close-them-at-night weather? Yes. Want.

And of course, I had to start going over the Great Clothing Switch of 2011 already because my guys grew bigger than the weeds in my yard this summer. Since January, Bug Boy has gained eight pounds and has grown four inches. Biggest growth spurt since he was a baby! And Bugaboo is up three pounds and an inch. Whoa. This puts them in the 10th percentile or so for height, 25th for weight. In December, when they each go up a year, this drops again BUT HEY. At least Bugaboo made it on the chart this time, right? Even if it IS only for two months.

Mommy has also grown a few inches (horizontally) and lack of sleep (amount of hours, that is) and sick-parent-stress have made it difficult to get quality exercise. So I ALSO went through my closet. I dropped off about five bags of stuff to Goodwill last week!  FELT GREAT!  There’s no greater feeling than purging unnecessary belongings and giving them to a charity that does good stuff. That is, unless, you donate something you didn’t intend to. Like, I dunno…a pair of shoes you specifically bought to go with your Rocky Horror costume?  And you thought, “Hey, I only wear these twice a year, why do I have them?” And tossed them in the bag and then that night while falling asleep thought Ohhhhhhhh…And had to go to the store a few days later to buy them back. Sigh.

But hey, I’m helping the store stay in business.  That’s the way I look at it.

(Hey, you love me, right? Like, really love me?  Then go here and read what I wrote this week at Aiming Low. Because it’s my JOB and stuff and the only way I get to keep said job is if people read it and stuff. You know. Pretty Please?)



2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Michele says:

    I love the great clothing switch … though my fall/winter clothes are in the big closet and there is a mouse in the big closet and I has a scared. Yes, the mouse comes out and torments me in the kitchen too, but I think he lives in the big closet with my sweaters and I hate him, though love my sweaters, want my sweaters, need my sweaters!! The weather is supposed to be all fall-like this weekend for us here on the East coast.

    I can’t believe they had your shoes still. They sound like the would have been a hot seller at Goodwill. I’m requesting a post now with photos of you in shoes.

  2. joeinvegas says:

    It was humid here yesterday – I think we got up to 20% humidity or so, our swamp cooler wasn’t working up to full cool so we noticed it. (still in the mid 90’s so we needed the cooler)

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