Actual Unretouched Conversation With Bug Boy. I Can’t Make This Shiz Up.


September 16, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Every year Bug Boy’s current teacher sends out a letter a few weeks before school starts. The teacher gives us an idea of what to expect for the coming year, talks about expectations and always asks for an e-mail, note, letter or something to give them an idea of who your child is. Now, since Bug Boy receives services at school, I know for a fact they’ve had meetings before I receive the letter and they talk about what he needs in the classroom. Still, they ask for parental input and it helps to start the new school year on the right foot.

This year was no different. I gave a brief explanation of Bug Boy. What he’s passionate about, how he loves structure and rules, how he is prone to distraction but LOVES to read. As in, reading is actually A PROBLEM. A good problem to have, no? But the kid can’t put a fork to his lips or put socks on without a book in front of him. Yes, I realize I am complaining that my child reads too much. What can I say? MOM OF THE YEAR.

Anywho, I also told the teacher that Bug Boy is talkative. Verrrrry talkative. And she’s going to get plenty of feedback from him. And suggestions. And will no doubt be corrected. In short, she will always know what is on Bug Boy’s mind. See how this is the complete polar opposite of Bugaboo? Fun, no? One never shuts up, the other one I’d pay good money to tell him to be quiet.

The first day of school Bug Boy came home to tell us he loved his teacher. And when I asked him to explain further, he quipped, “She reminds me of you, mom!” I thought that was sweet, after all, he totally snubbed me on the fortune cookie. So I asked him why she reminded him of me. His reply?

Well mom, she is from a large family and she’s REALLY LOUD.

I can’t make this shiz up, yo. I’m thinking perhaps this was a compliment?

3 thoughts on “Actual Unretouched Conversation With Bug Boy. I Can’t Make This Shiz Up.

  1. Definitely a compliment! Take it and run!!

  2. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa Gotta just LOVE IT!

  3. joeinvegas says:

    I never noticed how loud you were.

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