Rock Me Like a Hurricane. And an Earthquake. Oh, and Tornadoes and Flooding…

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August 30, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Unless you live on Mars or in a different country, you’ve no doubt either LIVED THROUGH the “events” of the past week or at least heard about them. It’s kinda hard to explain to your ten-year-old that the kids at school are full of shiz with that 2012 stuffs when you’ve had like ten signs of the apocalypse in two days. Earthquake, hurricane, tornados, flooding. It’s been a blast.

All we need are dead fish washing up in the streams and a swarm of locusts and we’re set. Except wait. There was a major dead fish issue last month and the cicadas have been hatching and are all over my yard. Hmmm…

We’re so screwed. Damn.

Anyways, we’re the lucky ones. Some branches down. No trees lost, our house is intact. We didn’t lose power and there’s no water in our basement. Most of my family and friends lost power (at least) and most of them had a foot or so of water in the basement because it turns out that sump pumps? Don’t work when the power goes out. Yeah. About that. I’m thinking some of those folks might consider getting a generator next time.

It’s interesting. The news created such mass hysteria that people bought the most ridiculous things. Like the typical “french toast” supplies when we’re expecting a blizzard (eggs, milk, bread). Hello? You do know that if your power is expected to go that the eggs, milk and whatnot will LIKELY SPOIL, right? Just sayin’. Ice, batteries and non-perishables? Make perfect sense. Also just sayin’.

The interesting thing about this type of weather event is that even though it was a hurricane and hurricanes bring wind and rain, they still didn’t “expect” things like trees to fall on their cars. Because, you know, parking under a rotted tree in the street INSTEAD of your driveway is always a good move during a hurricane. Yes, I had a few neighbors that did this. I cannot figure out why when they had plenty of parking WITHOUT trees over them. And yet they were surprised. Go figure.

Naturally, Bugaboo went just about out of his gourd being stuck inside for two days. And his beloved swim club (which closes for the season next Monday. Pout.) is closed due to downed lines and clean up. Fortuantely for us it has been GORGEOUS in the aftermath. Beautiful, low humidity, cooler temps at night. Blue skies and marvelous sunsets. It’s hard to be angry with Mother Nature when she does dumb stuff like hurricanes when you get such purty things to look at later, you know? Bugaboo has gotten to spend tons of time outside this week. He has off until next Wednesday (and has been up every single night he’s been off. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT) but we’re getting through it. Fresh air, sunshine and trampolines, yo. Recipe for a good week for the Bugaboo.

The doggies? I can’t be angry with them. I thought about their indoor accidents this weekend in this frame of mind: Would you be able to go to the bathroom if someone was spraying you with a firehose while you did your business? No. Exactly. So I can’t be angry with them. And the yard was ankle deep water so I’m not sure where they would have squatted if they could have. They’re sorry. They told me so. They made up for it with tons of snuggles. And they’ve graciously been following Bugaboo around the past few days and I’ve not had to do as much vacuuming. So kind of them.

So with all my free time I wrote a post over at Aiming Low because I’m awesome like that. I had to do SOMETHING to pass the time during the deluge. Isn’t that a fun word? Deluge? I like it. Sounds all grown up and fancy like.




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