Admitting My Secret Crushes. Don’t Judge Me.


August 23, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

I started writing a few weeks ago at a new website, the fabulous Aiming Low. It’s perfectly mediocre and it’s perfect for procrastinators like me. Dream job, really. So do me a favor, go and see me there? Pretty please? I promise you’ll like it. And there’s free cookies** for anyone who goes there to read it because I’m all about giving away free stuff to buy friends.  Because y’all know I can’t make ’em on my own.

Anyways, go there. Now. And bookmark it! Put it on your feed reader! It’s awesome stuff. And not just from me, they’re awesome peeps to work with, too!  WINNING!

** I am totally lying about the free cookies because I have no shame.

One thought on “Admitting My Secret Crushes. Don’t Judge Me.

  1. joeinvegas says:

    Wait a minute – not nice offering cookies and then taking them away.

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