When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Leave the Refrigerator Door Open


August 2, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

We’ve actually been back from vacation since Friday but there’s this thing called a mountain of laundry and unpacking to do. Then there’s the fact that the entire time we were away (a week. That’s seven days for those of you not good at math) our refrigerator was left open a tiny portion of a crack and it heated up and the AC was turned to 82 and the house was humid and…basically we came home to rotted food and mold and slime and YES, I AM PISSED I HAD TO THROW AWAY ALL MY FOOD, why do you ask?

Daily walks. Notice no stroller! Bugaboo now walks without running away! HOLLA!

The good news is we all survived, we all managed to relax and it was absosmurfly the best thing for all of us. A little change of scenery can be a very good thing. Well, unless you’re Bugaboo and you want to go to the same lake every single day and so your family takes you to the same lake every day on vacation except the last day when they thought they’d surprise you and your brother and pack a picnic lunch and drive to a slightly different lake about five miles up the road. In that case, a change of scenery is WTF WERE YOU THINKING because five minutes of shrieking and screaming and throwing sand at people and your parents toss everything back in the car and go back to the ORIGINAL lake. This is about the time we learned CHANGE IS BAD, MMKAY? You’d think we’d know this by now. Sheesh.

The reason I was admonished by several ladies at the lake each day. Because I "allow" him to drink lake water. Uh huh.

Original Lake. Not to be confused with New Lake. NEW IS BAD.

We were doubly, triply and quadruply blessed with awesome weather, which is good, since a cabin in the woods in the mountains of PA is humid and damp and gross every day of the year. Cooler weather makes it more tolerable, see. While The City of Brotherly Love was suffering through yet another week with the Three-Aitches (hazy, hot and humid) with crappy air quality, we had perfect weather, 82 degrees, cloudy for most of it. Bugaboo swam for hours at a time, Bug Boy went fishing and spent hours stalking the crayfish by the rocks. Daddy and Mommy actually got to relax in the shade each day, Daddy catching zzzz’s and Mommy doing crosswords and word puzzles. Even the doggies got to go swimming. Well, Bristol (our lab) went swimming because labs have this natural ability to swim. Crazy Daisy (our border collie) acted like a cat going into bath water.

Bug Boy's first ever-caught fish. It's about the size of a large minnow.

Every day brought a walk on the gravel road and a drive on a country road to see the sights. We took deep breaths of the mountain fresh air (ahhh, that evergreen smell) and fell asleep each night listening to crickets and whippoorwills and cicadas (dang, those birds are LOUD, yo).

No pictures, no comments!

Basically, it was a week of heaven on earth.

Our view each and every day. I can still smell the evergreens.

It’s amazing what a little R&R will do for the soul, you know? For all of us. In fact, it makes mommies more prepared when little boys eat things they shouldn’t and stay up all night the night before they go back to school puking up the insides of their intestines, see. And makes mommies not so cranky when they get about an hour of sleep and spend the entire day cleaning up from the twelve-hour puke fest.  Just sayin’. Not that it happened here or anything (it totally did. That little turkey.)

And it also helps a girl not sob so much when she realizes she lost about $200 of food when she leaves the fridge open when she goes on vacation.


5 thoughts on “When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Leave the Refrigerator Door Open

  1. Oh yes, you “let” him drink the water. Whatever. Those are people talking who never had kids or who are too old to forget what it’s like to have young kids – autistic or not. Lake water drinking is pretty low on the public behavior offense list imo.

  2. anneg45 says:

    Believe me, there are worse things he could be drinking!

  3. […] a zombie and puts crazy ideas in my head. The kind of stress that makes me appreciate spending that lovely week with my family at the cabin.  It beats the week of stomach viruses last week by a mile. And […]

    • Emi says:

      Sally, I wish we could keep it rural too. I’ve lived in beautiful dotwnown Big Lake since 1974, I don’t know how to keep it rural. So far, we’ve been very lucky in our growth, but as we double in size every 10 years, I wonder if we can rely on the Borough government to watch out for our rural interest. Stop light/signal at the post office? Yikes, I hope we can do other traffic patterns before we have truck traffic from the Port barreling by our school, shopping center, library and post office. I haven’t 100% decided on whether I’m for or against the city, but I do know if we are a city, the state (who owns South Big Lake Road and Big Lake road) will come to the city for intersection and road designs. As it is now, they go to the Borough. The Borough’s 3 priorities are all around the port; when push comes to shove, will the majority on the Assembly and their other boards care about the traffic through Big Lake when making their (very important economic decisions) on the port?

    • Just cause it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super helpful.

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