Going on a Little Holiday


July 22, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

It’s that time of year!  Looking forward to heading out-of-town with the family. You know, there’s nothing like taking a child who escapes constantly to a tiny cabin in the woods with abso-smurfly no babyproofing (or Bugaboo proofing).  Did I mention it’s in the middle of nowhere? In a tiny cabin in the woods? WE ARE TAKING HIM TO A CABIN IN THE WOODS.  Yes, we are insane.

The good news is he usually behaves when we’re there. Except for the one time when it was pouring rain and we couldn’t go walking because of the thunder-storm and the flood on the road and we were stuck in the tiny, two-room cabin and he screamed bloody murder and we left a few days early. Then there was the time that he fell off the screened-in porch (right through the screen)of the cabin (which is on a hill that slopes down) and there was an eight foot drop and he kinda got hurt.  Yep. Good times.

It’s supposed to be dang hot up there, just like the rest of the northeast. Like, 102 degrees with a 110 heat index. And it’s always about 100% humidity up there because IT IS IN THE WOODS AND FORESTS ARE HUMID. There’s your science lesson for the day!  And yet, we purposely seek out this place. On purpose. And we love it there. Why?

No phone.

No television. No cable.

No Internet access.

No distractions.

Just us, the family, trying to kill each other enjoying each other and having a good time. We go to the lake. We walk on the gravel road (dirt road, if you live in PA). We catch bugs. We take them fishing and swimming. We go to nature preserves, go on drives to see bear and deer. We get ice cream. We eat too much. We sleep tons. We do whatever we want, whenever we want to do it.  It’s a little slice of heaven. And just what we need right now.

See you in a few days, my friends. Something tells me I will have stories to tell.


6 thoughts on “Going on a Little Holiday

  1. She Started It says:

    Have a wonderful time! Eat lots of that delicious ice cream for me!

  2. I hope you don’t all melt. Have a great time!

  3. cococabana says:

    Happy Vacation away from the everyday, look forward to hearing about it when you return!

  4. texylady says:

    You take the bugs fishing?

  5. texylady says:

    DG…I have gone all the way back to when you began the blog and am working my way through it. I am only to December of 2006 so this could take a while! Hang in there.

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