Things I Love Today in No Particular Order. Or, How to Win an iPad2 Because I’m Awesome Like That.


June 6, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

The pool.

Whole Place to Himself. Of course, the water was about 50 degrees...

I love the pool because Bugaboo loves the pool. And he doesn’t just love the pool. HE IS THE POOL. Seriously, if anyone could come back reincarnated as a bucket of water, it would be my kid. Or a fish. Maybe he wants to be a fish, since he likes those. Or an otter. He loves to watch otters. Or maybe he just wants to come back as himself and stim on water all day. Who knows?  What I don’t love?  Bugaboo has woken up every night this past week. Actually, I lied. He wakes up in the morning. At 2am. And stays up for a looooong time. Boo.

My dogs

My little tripod.

You already know that I love dogs more than most people. What you don’t know is that Daisy is a teeny, wee little thing. (Wait, you do know that. But humour me, mmkay?) Like, half the size of an average Border Collie. Which might be good, since she only uses three legs so getting too  heavy now would be more stressful on her joints and she might have issues later. But she is REALLY SKINNY. Like, I wouldn’t say emaciated but thin. Boney, even. Her vet is cautiously optimistic so we keep an eye on it and encourage her to eat as much as she can. We even tried weight gain formula. And she lost a half pound eating that. So we recently switched her to adult food after giving up.  Yesterday she weighed in ONE POUND HEAVIER than when we tried the weight gain formula. SCORE.

iPad Giveaways

There’s a good one going on at I AM BOSSY’S HOUSE  by Brad’s Deals. Sweeeeet. Y’all know how much I want this for Bugaboo. He could, like, use it for communication and stuff. We could put social stories on it, his favorite music and videos, learning software, you name it. So go there now and win one for Bugaboo,mmkay? Pretty Please? But I’m actually supposed to say this:   Brad’s Deals is giving away an iPad 2 on I Am Bossy and all Bossy can talk about is boys.

Happy Monday, y’all.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Today in No Particular Order. Or, How to Win an iPad2 Because I’m Awesome Like That.

  1. Michele says:

    Ze pool is awesome! And I entered to win … and if I do, it’s Bugaboos!

  2. I hate pools. HATE. But Bugaboo loves ’em. So, to the pool we go.

  3. Heather says:

    Great that he loves pools. I can’t wait to get one! We keep saying we’ll get one someday. Hopefully soon.

  4. Coolwhipmom says:

    I love dogs more than most people too. I think we would get along.

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