Time For a Pop Quiz With DG!


May 2, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Time for a pop quiz, DG style!  Hope y’all studied. But if you didn’t, it’s okay. It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Actually, it is whether you win or lose because WINNING.  Just sayin’.  Anyways…without further ado, here’s your quiz:

1) The Guy I Live With is in Belgium, which sucks arse because I hate doing this parenting thing solo. Which of the following did I promise him I wouldn’t do while he was gone, since I kinda have a history of doing that while he is gone?

a. paint any rooms

b. rearrange furniture

c. get any more animals, namely dogs

d. all of the above

2) Bug Boy says he doesn’t miss his Daddy because

a. He only misses him when he’s in Pennsylvania

b. New Jersey and Delaware are attached so he only misses him a little bit

c. Belgium is too far away

d. All of the above

3) DG’s biggest obstacle to getting into better shape  and losing some of the thirty pounds she gained is

a. potatoes

b. lack of sleep

c. potatoes

d. Bugaboo

4) When DG tried to use her credit card this morning, and it was declined, which was the reason the bank gave her when she called to find out while a hold was placed on her account?

a. didn’t pay the bill this month

b. expired card

c. because it was used in Belgium AND the US at the same time, thus giving the bank cause for alarm because people NEVER EVER share accounts and use them in different states or countries. I mean, it’s not like he goes to Belgium EVERY FREAKING MONTH or anything.

d. she uses it too much

5) how many times did DG have to call the bank to straighten out said issues with card this morning?

a. none

b. one

c. two

d. *@&$^ if I have to call them one more time to explain I’m gonna get stabby. GET THE HOLD TAKEN OFF OF MY ACCOUNT

6) Reasons DG didn’t get a nap today

a. Veggie/CSA season started and I’m the host site, meaning the dogs have to ARF at every single person because PETMEPETMEPETMEPETME and gosh forbid they don’t PETMEPETMEPETMEPETME

b. birds

c. caffeine

d. All of the above

7) Things I found in Bugaboo’s bed this morning

a. cheese curls

b. puzzle pieces

c. spatulas, cups, a bottle of juice, cheese curls, puzzle pieces, cracker crumbs, music toys, several pairs of shoes and my margarita glasses

d. Not Bugaboo

8 ) bachelorette party this weekend for my SIL. Guess who is the designated driver?

a. Me

b. the bachelorette

c. Moi

d. Also me

9) Things I don’t particularly like

a. Male strippers

b. women who make utter fools of themselves whilst at their bachelorette party (not my SIL)

c. loud music

d. all of the above

10. I currently do not have a sitter for Bugaboo for

a. My brother’s wedding reception

b. My brother and sister-in-law’s wedding reception

c. a hot date

d. my spa treatment

Go on. Give it your best shot.  And put yer answers in the comments below.  I am a delicate and fragile flower so if I don’t get any comments I has a sad.

5 thoughts on “Time For a Pop Quiz With DG!

  1. RuthWells says:

    Well, I know the answers to most of these, and don’t want to ruin it for the rest of the peeps. So, I leave a comment to chase away your sad!

    (Potatoes! I am growing them!)

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m guessing most if not all are “all of the above” even where that’s not a choice.

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh and I forgot how much I hate the CC thing when I forget to call and let them know when DH is traveling. FYI, they will also flag it when you’re moving, sold a house, and try to buy a washer, dryer, and bigazz TV all in the same day too.

  4. Choosy says:

    Don’t just rearrange the furniture and paint the rooms – switch rooms around.
    I do it all the time.
    C’mon it’s so fun.

  5. […] Last week The Guy I Live With was in Belgium and I was a hot mess because I suck at parenting Bugaboo solo. And while he was gone, we planned to […]

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