The One Where I Get Real With Myself


April 27, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Thirty Pounds. That’s how much I’ve gained in the past two years. And I noticed it and I did nothing about it and even though I joined a cheapo gym last year I lied to myself and continued to let it go to heck in a hand basket.

I’m not doing that anymore. Not lying to myself. Not sitting around and doing nothing. I’m going to do something about it.  Right after I finish these donuts. I KEED!  It was a piece of toast.

Actually, yesterday I did something about it. I went to a health club (notice the difference?) and I’m joining. I’m getting back into a routine. Why? Not because I want to lose weight. Not because I want to look better (I think I look good, thanks). It’s because I need to be in better shape. No, I NEED TO BE IN THE BEST SHAPE. Because sitting around and over-eating and not getting enough exercise does NOT make me feel very good and it’s NOT going to help me keep up with Bugaboo. Despite the fact that I jokingly state that he keeps me young, the truth is I lie to myself.

I know I can work out for free at home. The truth is that once I’m home, I’m asleep. If I don’t keep busy, I curl up under a blanket and do nothing. If I make myself get into a routine and get out of the house? I’ll do something. The cheapo gym I joined last year sucked arse (I hated it there, for many reasons I won’t go into right now, least of all was the lack of weight equipment and the lack of cleanliness) but I stuck with it until the fall when I hurt my back so badly I couldn’t go and ended up in PT. And when PT ended in March? I didn’t keep it up.  I need to keep it up because guess what? I’m gonna end up in the same dang place I was before Christmas and I can’t afford that. I MUST be in top form or at least close to it. I can’t parent Bugaboo like this.

I started small. I made myself start walking a few days a week and I’ve kept it up for three weeks now. The other day I started back doing my yoga stretches for a few minutes before bed. I already feel better!  AMAZING!  When you actually PAY ATTENTION to your body, your body really appreciates you very much and rewards you by actually funtioning.  How about them apples.

And since this weekend I’ve been cutting back on the carbs, carbs, carbs. Sigh. Potatoes and tea, how I love thee. It’s a love-hate relationship really. Love eating them, hate feeling like crap afterwards.  So I’ve increased the water intake and BAM! Instant energy!  Turns out sucking down a gallon of tea a day? Dehydrates and makes me achy and tired. WHO KNEW?  Shaddup. I know y’all knew. I just needed a wakeup call, mmkay? And that wakeup call came in the form of me NOT FITTING INTO ANY OF MY CLOTHES on Easter, when the same damn pants fit two weeks ago.

My BMI is 26. And I’m considered overweight at my weight and height which sucks arse. I’m aiming to change that in the next few months. Know what’ll help?  CSA season!  Starts next Monday!  which means I have no excuse not to eat better since the damn veggies will be delivered to my door.  So there’s that.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime my goal is to fit back into last year’s bathing suit, which is the same size I was 6 months post partum with Bugaboo. Sigh.

9 thoughts on “The One Where I Get Real With Myself

  1. Lora says:

    I’m proud of you! And jealous of your go-gettedness. I need some go-gettedness.

  2. Way to go, Marj! I’ll tell you, when I don’t exercise I feel like ass. It makes such a huge difference. I’m glad you’re already feeling it!

  3. She Started It says:

    You can do it! Joining a gym that you really like makes a huge difference.

  4. I *love* your posts. I’m up a good 20 lbs (or would that be a bad 20 lbs?) in the past two years and they refuse to go away. Moving more would probably help. A lot. So I’ve started walking and rowing and soon hope to be biking. Because I want to go on long hikes with Thad and (mostly) keep up.

  5. MemeGRL says:

    Rock on! You can totally do this.

  6. A gym was key for me too, I joined the Ridley Y about 10 years ago and am still at it. I am not losing anything, but I gained muscle mass and energy and am currently maintaining, which in my book, is just fiiine. FYI, I LOVE the Ridley Y, great facility, great instructors and a great price. Where’d you join?

  7. BOSSY says:

    Paying attention to yourself is always a good thing.

  8. rockle says:

    good luck! i’ve been working on losing weight for the past year. down about 70 lbs. so far, with another 50-75 or so to go (depending on when i give up the ghost and throw myself face-first into an ice cream bunker at the store). the best part is needing to buy a new bathing suit before we go on vacation next month. (the worst part is actually trying on new bathing suits.)

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