A Day Full of Awesomesauce


April 22, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Wanna know what’s nice? When a local charity decides to host special days at a local well-loved amusement park for special kiddos.  Like, free and stuff. And this local charity does it every year, twice a year, and hosts two days straight for families of special kids. They do an autism-specific day, even.  And what’s nice about that is my kid ain’t the only one clinging to the gate and biting his hand because he doesn’t want to wait in line for the carousel.

Ok, he was totally the only one doing that but no one batted an eyelash and some smiled and gave me that “TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH” look.

But what’s even more awesomesauce? Once Bugaboo had his daily 10:30am meltdown (yup, just about everyday at 10:30. At least he’s consistent, right?) and got onto the carousel, everything was just peachy keen.  He enjoyed the rides, didn’t freak out when we had to wait in line for things and we left on a good note.  Sweet.

ignore the crappy resolution since I had to take it from fifty feet away with my cell phone and stuff.

But even sweeter? We took a gamble when we left and went out to lunch at a chain restaurant (chee burger in pair of dice) and he sat in the booth and didn’t try to run away and didn’t have a meltdown and I was able to order him something from the kids’ menu that he’d actually eat (steak and fries) AND HE ATE IT. Normally, he’s so overwhelmed in a restaurant he eats NOTHING and we take it home because he spends the entire time trying to escape. And not only did he not freak out and try to escape, HE ATE THE FOOD. Huge. Enormous, even.  Like, GI-HUGE-ICK.

Bug Boy spent most of his time with the map. Everywhere we go (zoo, amusement parks, state parks, you name it) he has to have a map. And if they are out of maps it’s a big problem, especially in an amusement park where there are like, ten rides? And we might GET LOST OR SOMETHING. So he spent most of the time doing this:

“Let’s see…we’re here right now and if we go ten feet to the left we could get on the giant slide OR the swings, since they’re right next to each other”.  Which is hilarious, because I’m not kidding when I say there might have been ten rides.  It’s his little obsession when we go to places like that. And if we go to the boardwalk down the shore? And there’s no map? WE CAN’T GO THERE. IT’S NOT SAFE.

But the day couldn’t have been complete without some sort of  catastrophe. I’m lucky I made it through because two days ago, when I was bringing in the dogs for the night and picking toys up in the yard, the 75 pound lab I’m watching charged towards me to get a ball and went through my legs, knocking me over, feet up in the air and I landed head FIRST on the ground. Luckily, it was a soggy, grassy ground but I landed on the back of my head and neck, see. Ouchy. Now I have a wicked freaking headache on top of sleep deprivation and a major pulled muscle in my neck and I’m walking around a damn amusement park in crappy Chucky T’s instead of shoes with a decent amount of support.  One word for y’all:  Muscle Relaxers. Ok, that’s two.  All I have to say is it turns out the stuff they gave me for my back? Works for necks. Not yucky headaches (hope it’s not a concussion, just had one last year), though. So I had to take an NSAID for that so I’m feeling groovy at the moment.Hope I don’t have a brain bleed or skull fracture. Ah well, just a flesh wound. I’ll be right as rain in the morning.

BUT! The boy fell asleep at a decent time. Which is why I had time to write this. And I have six dogs piled up on my feet, hip, lap, arm, and one behind my head on the couch (thank you, laptop fairies, so I can work on the computer while watching one of my favorite movies, Team America). And groovy meds mean groovy sleep. Oh hellz yeah.

4 thoughts on “A Day Full of Awesomesauce

  1. Congratulations on the restaurant achievement! That is SO HUGE-IFFIC! I can completely relate as a church friend treated the boys and me to an autism event at a local restaurant last weekend, and I couldn’t remember the last time we’d had them at a sit-down leave-a-tip restaurant! I was so excited no one tried to escape, either.

    And yes, it is amazingly awesome that they are doing that for your kids, and that they are kind enough to pay for it knowing you are spending your money on your kids in other ways.

    Love the map picture, too.

  2. My son is obsessed with maps, too. I wish I could think something like so is that fascinating! Congrats on the restaurant trip!!!

    I’m a new follower, come say hi & check out my giveaways for Autistic parents (one up now and another coming soon) @

  3. Amanda says:

    Yay for awesome days out! Muscle relaxers are awesome. I need more myself. Back muscles pulling on collarbone. Fun times. I think your head will probably be ok. If I can crack mine on a hand dryer in an hospital bathroom (good story I’ll have to tell you sometime) you’re probably good.

  4. She Started It says:

    Sounds like an amazing day out! Glad you guys had fun!

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