Up All Night, Sleep All Day


April 20, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Minus the “Sleep all day” part.

Little Bugger was up last night. Have I mentioned how sleep deprived I am? No?  Are you sure? I’m pretty sure I b*tch about it EVERY FREAKING DAY.

This kid takes a dose of sleep meds that should put an elephant to sleep. He takes TEN TIMES the melatonin dose I take. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

Actually, the Guy I Live With and I figured it out last night. Bugaboo was behaving erratically last evening (which is different from every other day exactly how?) and we commented that it was day four of spring break and at least we got to day four!  Because it usually happens on day three!  And that’s progress, right? I mean, that’s a whole twenty-four hours longer!

Part of the issue is the schedule. And even if I keep him busy during the day (insert ill-fated zoo trip here) he still gets all kinds of out of whack. Which reminds me. Next time I get the bright idea to go to the zoo, I’ma gonna remember that taking him to see animals that live in water behind large sheets of glass may or may not be in my best interest. Like, a kid who is obsessed with water? Yeah. That. Remind me NOT to take him to watch swimming polar bears, mmkay?  Although, he laughed and enjoyed watching the otters swim and frolic and bite the heads off of fish and spit out the fish guts and stuff. Nature at its finest. Except not so natural since it’s in a zoo and stuff.

The good news is that I currently have a new distraction. I’m not obsessed with the Internets enough so I’m thrilled my Mother-in-Law got me hooked on researching my family tree and filling in holes and stuff because I needed more stuff to keep me from doing housework and get errands done. Ahem.  But it’s kinda cool to find out that your family goes back many centuries on both sides and fought in The Civil War and some came over during the Irish Potato Famine and others, who insisted they were German and only German actually have English/Welsh roots and EVEN ONE DUTCH PERSON. Go figure.

I’m off to drink another gallon of tea in a futile effort to keep my eyelids from becoming too heavy.  And eat too many potatoes, because I CAN.

12 thoughts on “Up All Night, Sleep All Day

  1. She Started It says:

    Goodness. Hope you get some rest soon. And maybe some eclairs or other sugary sweet for dessert.

  2. Amanda says:

    Melatonin? Ha! We had to go with more hardcore meds for the 4yo. He laughed in the face of melatonin. Not sure if you’ve tried this or if it would even help, but GNC has 3mg melatonin tablets with vitamin B that work better on my 9yo than just plain melatonin.

    Family tree stuff is cool. My mother spent several years dragging me to courthouses all over WV and OH working on her dad’s side. It’s interesting the stuff you find that no one talks about, and the stuff they always talk about that is totally wrong. It’s like a bad game of telephone.

  3. Stimey says:

    Spring break sucks. Whose stupid idea was it anyway? Hope you get some sleep someday soon. 😦

  4. Melatonin didn’t really work for my boys. Bedtime was a dreaded thing in my house when it should’ve been all “birds singing” and
    pretty stars everywhere. Instead it was a NIGHTMARE, and a battle of wills. Now, we rely on a wonderful thing called Trazadone.
    lol. It’s really awful that the poor kid needs medication at all, but I know he (I) will be better off the next day if he (I) get a full nights
    You can complain. I keep coming back. lol

  5. Grace says:

    Our spring break is next week, but I have to work, so my son’s going to day care. All day, every day next week. And we’re starting new meds this weekend, so I can’t wait to see how well this goes.

    Every time you say Whiskey Tango Foxtrot I think of that dive bar in the Northeast with a VERY similar name. Yeah, that’s how my twisted mind works. But then it doesn’t really take much to make me think of bars.

    Get some sleep. Or at least some potatoes.

  6. […] think it would have gone much more smoothly if he slept well. And I’ve referenced that. But it turns out I AM NOT CRAZY. Ok, I totally am but I KNEW something was up. I mean, I had a […]

  7. Koyie says:

    I am totllay wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

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