Day 1: The Fun Has Begun


April 18, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Technically it’s day THREE, but today is the first official SCHOOL DAY that the boys have off for spring break so I figured it was cheating to count it as day three and…oh who am I kidding. DAY THREE!  IT’S DAY THREE!

This weekend the boys decided to celebrate the beginning of spring break by breaking out in fevers and having the flu and stuff. They were both sick about 24 hours straight, which isn’t terrible really except that normally when my guys run fevers they are catatonic and sit on the couch and don’t do a damn thing for the entire duration of the fever. It’s magical. I secretly cheer inside when they have fevers (SHHHH! Don’t tell anyone, mmkay?) because I get to SIT and do NOTHING while I snuggle with them and maybe even WATCH TV. It’s rare but it’s a beautiful thing!  HUZZAH! FEVERS (Go ahead, call me insane, but it’s a glorious event here).

The problem with the fevers this weekend? Let’s see…the husband was away at a bachelor party for my baby brother. The guyses all went to Atlantic City and stayed in a condo and played poker and drank beer and ate themselves silly and were supposed to go on a chartered fishing trip except that we had a monsoon and three inches of rain and WHO WANTS TO FISH IN THAT? Certainly not guys who got a free pass from their wives for the weekend. Anyways, so bachelor party…they went to Hooters for dinner because it’s so classy and then went to A FINE ESTABLISHMENT where they don’t serve liquor because in New Jersey? They can do more fine establishmenty stuff if they don’t sell alcohol, if you knows what I mean.  So. Parties. Guys. Lots of parties. And beer drinking and poker.  Sounds like A BLAST.  And even though it’s not The Hubs’ kind of thing (like, he thinks it is a total waste of money because HELLO! My wife does that stuff for free! And it’s awesomesauce!) he gets sucked into going because they know he’ll be the designated driver and get everyone into bed safely because he doesn’t party like a rock star.

The boys, right? Yeah. Not happy Daddy was not in the building. They were cranky and whiny but still kinda stayed in their rooms and I got a few things done around the house and since I have six dogs staying with me right now (Yes, I’m insane but I get paid to be insane) that’s a feat. And did I mention? Monsoon? So kids and dogs were stuck inside because it wasn’t just rain it was HOLY CRAP IT’S RAINING HARD.  So the boys were cranky pants and then four o’clock in the afternoon hit and the meltdowns started. I had both of ’em clinging to me on the couch  sobbing, No! SCREAMING and WAILING and it went on for over three hours. And just when I was about to burst into tears myself I got this lightbulb thingy that went on over my head and TADA!  I remembered ibuprofen!  And twenty minutes later they were calm and quiet and reading books and watching tv. If only I had done that three hours earlier. Genius, I tells ya.

Six dogs inside during monsoon plus two kids crying for hours? A few bald spots magically appeared on my head somehow.

Then Sunday the hubs comes home and kids are still running fevers and cranky and stuff and he’s tired from not sleeping all weekend  knows what I mean.  So. Parties. Guys. Lots of parties. And beer drinking and poker.  Sounds like A BLAST.

Then Sunday Lake Erie appeared in my yard and the six muddy doggies became seven muddy doggies and the husband got home from said Bachelor party tired because he stayed up most of the weekend (AWWWWW) and the kids were still kinda not feeling great and even passed up the Easter Egg Hunt at our local park so I was all WHOA, they never do that.  And I cried and then I laughed and then I cleaned up a little and hightailed it out the door to go look at dresses for baby bro’s wedding and tried on lots of cute stuff that was out of my price range and that’s about the time I started crying about the weight I gained from being sedentary during my herniated disc adventure in December through March and decided I’m wearing a burka.

So. How’s your break going so far?

3 thoughts on “Day 1: The Fun Has Begun

  1. Amanda says:

    That’s one hell of a weekend. I hope the boys are feeling better now, and that everyone got slightly more sleep. *whispers* didyouseetheweatherforecastfortherestoftheweek?

  2. joeinvegas says:

    We have quite a few of those ‘fine establishments’ that don’t serve booze so that they can do other things here in Vegas. Along with a bunch that do serve booze. All of them filled with male tourists. Check his credit card receipts.

  3. Cecily says:



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