Take Me Out to the Ball Game


April 8, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Tuesday night we took Bug Boy to see our Hometown Boys, the Phillies. The Guy I Live With just HAPPENED to mention to Bug Boy while he was doing homework that he might purchase tickets, so naturally that meant Bug Boy had to go RIGHT NOW ARE WE GOING NOW DAD ARE WE GOING and that was mostly the end of the homework. I coulda swatted him (the hubs) because HELLO!  Don’t mention doing something fun during homework!  And the rest of the time until we left for the game was spent panicking over finding his old tee ball glove, finding his Phillies shirt and hat, which shoes he’d wear and OH! I’m bringing my camera JUST IN CASE I CATCH A BALL.

And then I went to print out the tickets, only to find the husband had bought them for the next night. Ahem.

Which was bad. Because, well, Bug Boy? That just wouldn’t work, see. So we scrambled, resold the tickets, called the box office and tried to get new seats for Tuesday.  Only to find out that it was twice the price of the next night. Although they were better seats. So we took ’em anyways. Sigh. And then we spent the rest of the time leading up to the game trying to convince Bug Boy that we weren’t stopping at Tarzhay to buy a newer, better glove or a baseball helmet or more Phillies gear.

The whole ride to the game was, “OMG ARE WE THERE ARE WE THERE ARE WE THERE CAN I GET A HOTDOG” and “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE. DAD. IT’S 6:36! THE GAME STARTS AT 7:05!”  Serious anxiety, yo.  He wouldn’t shaddup.  Seriously, it was one disconnected thought to another, “I want to get cotton candy and a hotdog and I know I can’t have ice cream since I’m allergic to milk but maybe they have water ice and I hope they are giving something out tonight because that would be awesome DAD! IT’S FOURTEEN MINUTES UNTIL SEVEN! THE GAME STARTS AT  SEVEN OH FIVE! And then I want to go see if I can get the Phanatic’s autograph are our seats on the first level? Because I know all of the words to the National Anthem.”

My head was spinning, too. I understand your pain.

He was dancing at every inning. And they were getting a good, old-fashioned spanking from the Mets. And at the eighth inning, when he had spent the whole game dancing, waving at cameras, yelling at the people on the Jumbotron because they weren’t paying attention to themselves on tv and doing the wave, he began to meltdown.

They were totally awesome seats.  And it was damn cold. But the seats were good, even if they WERE losing like nine million to one or something. But see, when you take a Bug Boy to the baseball game?  The winning team should be the HOME team because during the seventh inning stretch they say, “ROOT ROOT ROOT FOR THE PHILLIES, IF THEY DON’T WIN IT’S A SHAME. THEY AREN’T WINNING!  IT’S A SHAME, MOM!  WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!”

Yeah, that.

What were we thinking?

Yeah. Autism at the Phillies. It might be a while before we head back. Unless they are absosmurfly guaranteed to win. See, we didn’t think that part through, beings it was the Mets and stuff and C’MON!  The Phils!  They rock!  But sometimes they lose, see. Like the night we went and spent 3X what we should have to take Bug Boy to the game.

See? He's upset they lost and we spent our grocery bill on tickets, too.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my accompanying the fourth grade field trip  to the state capitol yesterday and how I lost Bug Boy three times. Fun!



17 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  1. Amanda says:

    The hyperness? The disconnected thoughts? Yeah, that’s my 4yo almost all the time. The Phillies losing thing? We would’ve overlooked something like that too. Sometimes we just can’t keep up with all of the things that will avoid a meltdown. There’s too many, and they constantly change.

  2. rockle says:

    i don’t know if i can take my 4-y.o. to another phillies game because i seriously think she’d rush the field trying to get to shane victorino and then we’d all end up arrested. “but he’s my HOMESLICE!” is probably not going to stop the taser cops. if you were closer to allentown or reading i would recommend taking in a game there — smaller parks, lower prices, easier escapes. but i’m not sure they win very much, either. (i know the iron pigs are eleven kinds of terrible.)

  3. JB says:

    I was at that game. We should all get our money back.

  4. Penbleth says:

    Poor kid. I hope despite the disconnected thoughts and the hyperness and the sadness at the team losing that he did still sort of enjoy himself. It’s so great that you do take your sons to things, we had to stop taking our daughter when she was really young and I am so aware she, and the rest of the kids, has missed out on so much.

  5. Stimey says:

    Wait. Losing Bug Boy three times doesn’t sound fun at all.

    He looks like he’s having some fun in that photo. 🙂 We have a lot of car rides like the one you describe. Good times.

    • It’s really not fun, but I’m not exactly known for my ability to clearly communicate. And I’m damn sarcastic.

      Whenever we go out at night we look at each other wide eyed because HOLY CRUD the boy can talk! And we always know when he’s about to pass out because it kicks into high gear and he’s talking a mile a minute and then suddenly ZZZZzzzzzzz. Hilarious!

  6. Sounds like he had a blast though…it really takes something special for my son Taylor to connect and get that happy about something.
    We’ve never lived anywhere that had a team to take the kids too…so San Fran will be nice for all the sports teams. I am so drooling
    at the thought of stadium hot dogs. I will be distracted the rest of the day!

  7. Do the Phils do an autism night? They should! They do Jewish heritage night so why not a night to support autism and bring the community out?!

  8. Grace says:

    I’ve been known to yell “IT’S 6:36!! THE GAME STARTS AT 7:05!!” too. So rock on Bug Boy. Punctuality is a virtue.

  9. Veronica says:

    This is why I’m grateful my 4yo can’t tell the time yet, or she would be doing the same thing in the car. Fun times, fun times.

  10. Tex Azarus says:

    Go Rangers. luvsUdg

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