Top Ten Reasons I am Happy it’s Spring


April 1, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

This week went by in a blur. As usual, I have too many irons in the fire and I have no time to myself. And that’s my fault. So I got nothing done in the house this week (Ok, I did a little laundry so I could look somewhat presentable) and I’m dreading the weekend because I am going to have a huge freaking mess to clean up. Oy.

So, without further ado, Ten reasons I am glad it is spring:

Ten – The kids spend almost all day, everyday outside during this time of year. This means less cleaning to do inside. As in, the floor stays clean for an hour or two INSTEAD of five minutes.

Nine – April showers. Or in our case, March came in like a lamb at 70 degrees and went out like a lion with freezing rain. And today! Mother Nature is playing a cruel April Fools joke on us. SLEET, FREEZING RAIN, SNOW.Wonderbar! But April Showers bring may flowers. But what do mayflowers bring? PILGRIMS! GUFFAW! Seriously, I am happily planning my garden. Thank you baby Jebus.

Ocho – Nice weather means more doggy time outside. Which means rain and mud and ACK! MUD! Tracked into the house. But it means the doggies are happier and less needy and they get walked far more which means I get walked far more which means I get more exercise. WIN!

Seven and the Ragged Tiger – The puberty movie. They showed it in Bug Boy’s fourth grade class (finally) and he may now talk freely about it at school. Meaning, the fourth grade boys will be all, “P.en.i.s! HAHAHA!” and make fart noises and be all, “silent but deadly!” because they are mature that way. Bug Boy has been reading his own puberty book and is very matter of fact about it. Though his chief complain about the puberty movie was that they didn’t spend enough time talking about E.R.E.C.T.IO.N.S. Sigh.

Six degrees of separation -baseball season. No, I am not a baseball fan. But Philly loves their Phillies and their baseball and sometimes we go to a game and spend twice our life savings on hotdogs and popcorn because IT’S FUN.

Five – I eat better. In the winter it’s all comfort food, all the time. Like yesterday?  I nuked mashed taters (big surprise, eh?) and I stirred them with a fork and licked the fork and gulped it down before I realized it was about 600 degrees Fahrenheit and burned the back of my throat, causing blisters and hanging throat tissue and OW F*CKITY OW OW!  This strangely doesn’t happen with salad.

Four Fore For – I like spring clothes. I like winter clothes sometimes but I have tons of cute teeshirts and crop pants or capris or peddle pushers or _____ insert name of short pants here.  And flip flops. I lerve me some flip flops. Only problem is shaving. I guess I should do that. And maybe paint my toe nails?

Three Dog Night – Dog sitting. Lots of it. From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, I’m pretty much booked solid. I mean, I’m not totally booked yet but I will be. I’ve already got people booked for THANKSGIVING.  And dogsitting equals a few extra Benjamins. And it’s all about the Benjamins.  Although I usually only have a Lincoln or a Washington in my wallet.

(forty) two – Longer days, more light, less S.A.D. and happier DG. And happier DG means happier family and happier family means happier DG. You dig?

Numero Uno – more dates. More barbecues. More time with friends. More time with family. In short, my social life is vastly improved, resulting in feeling better about myself, feeling less isolated and feeling supported. Which is the whole point, isn’t it? Because this journey I am on? Even though their journeys are different, we’re still on it together. You dig?

Thing Eleventy – I lied. There are eleven. Because this one goes to eleven!

Happy first day of April, y’all.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I am Happy it’s Spring

  1. Amanda says:

    You know, one thing I don’t like about the warmer weather is I’m the only one in my family who thinks mashed potatoes are still a very viable food option. By July I miss the gravies and soups and other comforty Winter foods.

  2. Grace says:

    OMG, Seven and the Ragged Tiger??? The rush of happy memories THAT brought back left me dizzy. I was a John girl, but Simon’s lookin’ a lot better than John these days.

    Those snow showers this morning were no joke.

    And GO PHILLIES!!!

    • dg says:

      Dude? I was all about Roger and John. But mostly Roger, cause I go foe the short, dark and quiet types? Also? Her name is Rio and she dances on the saaaaaand.

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