Keeping it Real, Autism Style


March 18, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

I don’t sugar coat and I don’t lie. What you read here is what it’s really like in my house. Sure, I leave stuff out (like, our new leather couch is ripped and that really pisses my husband off) but you get a good sampling of how we live.

We live like animals. HA!  I KEED!

You get to hear how many times a week I steam twenty-year-old carpets (2-3 this week). You get to hear about the destruction and mayhem (broken dishes this week! YEAH!). You get to hear about the good (he has slept through five nights this week!) the bad (he is off from school today!) and the ugly (he just peed all over his freshly made bed and I want to cry).

Why do I tell you? Is it because I’m an attention whore (couldn’t be further from the truth, I honestly don’t like to be noticed)? Is it because I want to exploit my kids to become famous (as if it worked that way)? Is it because I don’t want to get a real job so I am making oodles doing it this way (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  HA!  Ha.)? No. I tell you because I need to.

Because someone needs to hear it.

Because it’s therapeutic for me to tell it.

Because it might help someone and I’m all about doing that.

Because I want others to hear our story so that they can find comfort and hopefully find peace in their lives.

Because if one person finds one thing I say valuable? I’ve done my job as a human.

So I keep coming back week after week, day after day. For you. And for me. And for them (my kids).



14 thoughts on “Keeping it Real, Autism Style

  1. Jess says:

    Thank you! Your posts help me so much, and it is always so funny to me how similar they are. The peed on freshly made bed, the broken … everything!, the enthusiasm when he sleeps for 5 whole nights in a row! I love your blog – thanks for sharing and not sugar coating it 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    *i meant to say – how similar our lives are 😛

  3. I love your writing. I love what you write. Thank you.

  4. For most of the world, someone like you is told that they are amazing, strong and it is a miracle that you can do all you do. Then they go home, and you disappear from their life. Until the next time they see you and you are amazing, strong and miraculous.

    We who are like you, and we who are not, need to know you exist behind your front door. So we can continue to exist too.

    Thank you.

  5. Viviane says:

    Exactly (what the previous commenter said).

  6. Barnmaven says:

    Sometimes when I’m blogging I find it hard to rip the lid off what goes on in my house – but when I see others do it, I know it makes me stronger if I can do it too. My comment yesterday was sort of tongue-in-cheek…sometimes people are a little freaked out by the blatant truth, but I think that not only for parents with special needs but really for anyone at all, it helps to know that we’re NOT the only ones who deal with shtuff.

  7. Stimey says:

    When you’re dealing with things as intense as autism, knowing that you are not the only one is a big deal. It’s a really big deal. Parents of kids with autism diagnoses should be assigned a buddy when they leave the doctor’s office.

  8. Penbleth says:

    You and the other commenters are quite right, we need to know we are not alone and perhaps we can learn something from each other along the way. Even if we don’t it doesn’t matter because it does help that someone else is going through it.

  9. […] in the interest of keeping it real, I’m spilling the current ugly […]

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