Trying to Contain Myself Because of the Awesomeness


March 15, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

So I’m toying with the idea of going back to work. I’ve finished working on my resume (pretend there’s and accent on the resume) and asked for some letters of recommendation and it seems like it’s a position I’d likely enjoy. Scratch that, I know I’d like it because it’s something I’ve done in the past – instructional aide.

I have a degree in special education. I’ve worked as an instructional aide before while I put myself through college. I have kids with special needs. I write about kids with special needs. I would love this job.


A kid who gets up at 2am on a regular basis. Now I’m hesitant to finish applying for this job. Of course, maybe I’m being overly confident that I’ll GET the job. But they’d be silly not to hire me, yo. I’ve got MAD SKILLZ.

But. The sleep thing. Means my mad skillz are not so mad.

Part time would be ideal because I could still sleep sometimes. And days like today? When Bugaboo gets up at 2am and stays awake until it’s time to get on the bus? I could still catch some Zzzzs before the buses arrive.

Maybe I’m just being stupid and should NOT go back to work. I mean, I WANT to. But the circumstances. Oy. Getting a writing gig would fit in better. So would more dog sitting and kid sitting, you know? Because I could still SLEEP when I needed to. Mostly.

Unless the dog does something stupid like SOME BORDER COLLIES I KNOW who don’t particularly like their gentle leader and hook their paw in there and get it stuck and then flip tail over head and land face first on the pavement and scrape a chunk of their eyebrow off in the process, resulting in needed medical attention. AHEM, BORDER COLLIE.

Good thing she’s cute.

10 thoughts on “Trying to Contain Myself Because of the Awesomeness

  1. Amanda says:

    Good luck with whatever you decide. That’s a tough one, and one I’ve struggled with too as our youngest gets to be school age.

  2. MemeGRL says:

    Have you thought about signing up with a sub service? That way, if they call at 6 and you’ve already been up four hours, you can say no. Just a thought…

  3. Erica says:

    Similar boat here– I’m out of renewals on my RN license and it expires this fall for good unless I can work 960 hours between now and November. Not looking too good.

    I’ve been thinking about becoming a line therapist for my sons’ old ABA provider. The hours are flexible (and only 2 hours per session means I won’t go too crazy with any one particular kid) and the pay is nearly double what instructional aides make. If you aren’t against ABA, it might be a good fit for you with your teaching background.

    Alternatively, we could both write best-selling, award-winning books about life with kids on the spectrum! Let me know which way you go… 😉

  4. I think you have to ask yourself what you want and what you can give to other children while meeting the needs of your own children. If the answer is teaching, then go for it! If the answer is a professional blog writer like Dooce, then go for it. If the answer is circus trainer, then go for it. If the answer is marry a Jewish doctor, back off because THAT’S MY GOAL! 😉

  5. Penbleth says:

    Go for it. Your mad skills will be even madder with less sleep.

  6. She Started It says:

    Sounds like part-time would be a perfect fit.

    I was never as sleep deprived as you…But when my oldest was 11 months old, I went back to work 3 days a week in the city. She was still waking up at night, and I have insomnia so I was awake from 3-4 am on. BUT– the fact that I only worked 3 days a week was HUGE because I could nap on those days I was home while she was napping.

    Don’t know if this helps or not…

  7. I never want to be working when I have a good job, and when I am unemployed, I am too stressed out about money to enjoy it. All
    in all, I think if I could financially make the sacrifices, I would be much happier staying home. But I’m greedy and materialistic and like
    too travel waaaaaayyyyyy tooo much. Glad you got away though. Sounds great.

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