I Had the Audacity to go Away This Weekend


March 14, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

It was glorious.

Sixty hours came and went faster than I could blink my eyes but every blessed second of it was worth it.

We had spa treatments, slept like babies, ate nice dinners, enjoyed walks on the beach, watched the sunset, viewed the beach from rockers on our private balcony and came back to our room one night to turn down service and a bottle of champagne with cheeses and fruit.

In short, we were pampered.

In short, it was just what I needed.

In short, I’m paying for it now (Bugaboo woke up at 2am and never went back down) but it was totally worth it. And with daylight saving this weekend, I’m totally screwed (like, he prolly won’t sleep for a week) but again, it was worth it. Just to have a little break. Just to have some time alone with my husband. Just to get ten hours of sleep in one night. Just to decide when and where we wanted to go, go into shops where things break easily and not worry about whether or not my kid was breaking them.

We stayed in a lovely, quiet beach community in a cozy and charming resort hotel. We did grown up things. We had a king size bed and a marble shower. We went wine tasting. We sat in the lounge and listened to music. We chatted with adults. We walked around shops and sipped cappuccino. We stopped to pet doggies (sorry, girls, we cheated on you). We watched the ferry go across the bay. We decided to do things, changed our minds and did something else instead and it was ALL OK.

And I look forward to doing it again someday. Eventually. I hope.

All I have to say is I have the best family in the world for helping me out and staying with my kids. They totally rock.

Now excuse me, I’m going back to bed while the kids are still at school.

20 thoughts on “I Had the Audacity to go Away This Weekend

  1. Glad you had fun and saw Pete and Grace!

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m glad you had a fabulous time! Sometimes a little break is all we need to come home and deal with the chaos again and not feel on the edge.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I am now geared up to plan some of my own pampering!

  4. Alexandra says:

    way beyond jealous.

    But, lucky you.

  5. Erica says:

    I don’t have family around to get to do this with my husband anymore, but I frequently take trips like this with some of my autism mom friends. My husband gets his respite by taking all-day fishing trips with another autism dad, so we both get our down-time.

    It’s so important that we all press our reset buttons every once in a while so we are fortified to continue on this monumental, arduous parenting path! You, especially, have had a lot of difficult stuff come at you lately, so I’m glad you were able to get away for some major R&R. I hope others will be inspired to carve out time for themselves after reading about your heavenly getaway– with spouses, friends, or even alone!

    • resetting buttons is hard. Realizing you need to do it is harder.
      Respite is non existent for us because it was only 18 months and then we were cut off. And the workers they sent sucked.

      • Erica says:

        I’ve never done real respite care. Too scared to leave my non-verbal children with strangers still! My husband and I take turns giving each other respite– it’s a win-win.

  6. Anjali says:

    Sounds fabulous! And it was well deserved!

  7. Z. Mulls says:

    Ah…the audacity of soap….

  8. Penbleth says:

    I’m glad you were able to have some time together. It is a precious commodity but really important.

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  10. […] I’ve noticed a pattern. This happens EVERY SINGLE MARCH. Every one. I’ve looked back over the past few years (see? There IS a good reason to blog!) and there’s a pattern. It’s a sh*tty month for him. And us. And Bug Boy. There’s something difficult about this time of year. Vernal Equinox? Daylight Savings? Full Moons?  All of it. Allergies, too. It’s just his absolute worse time. And we have it in the fall, too, but at a lesser extent. This is the time of year we scramble, see multiple specialists and therapists, adjust his behavior plan at school. This is the time last year that I called my sister in tears and asked for a magical weekend away. […]

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