I’m so Proud of my Boys


February 25, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

It has been somewhat of a  tough week for us here at Chez DG.

Between Bugaboo’s food allergies and my pneumonia (and subsequent vertigo. OY.) we’re barely hanging in there. But we’re getting by. The house isn’t as clean as it could be and I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting to do, but hey. We’re surviving.

My mother has been released from the three-week stay at the hospital and is now in a rehab/nursing facility. Which is good!  But it’s also depressing!  BECAUSE! Nursing homes, as nicely as they try to decorate them, are sad. I’ve brought the boys (my two and my two-year-old nephew, whom I babysit) to see my mother and the old lady residents just light up. They LOVE seeing kids.

Yesterday I decided to try a lengthier stay with Bugaboo. The other night was ten minutes. Last night? Forty-five minutes!  And he did great! He didn’t stim, cry or run away. He sat quietly and behaved. He listened when it was time to go. And Bug Boy was helpful, toting my mom’s oxygen along, opening doors, helping her with her walker. They even played a board game. I’m so proud of them behaving in a VERY TOUGH place for them to behave. Maybe I’m doing something right?

And! At home!  They’ve been behaving!  And listening!  And Bug Boy has been doing his homework ON HIS OWN, without incident! And Bugaboo has been calm and quiet and happy at home. Sleeping in HIS OWN BED. And while he cried himself to sleep last night (he sometimes has mood swings, giggling and sobbing randomly) I realized perhaps this week hasn’t been so bad after all. My boys have been trying with every ounce in them to behave and the function as normally as possible.

And they succeeded.

And it makes me proud. Just because they worked so hard.

Now, someone do something about the ankle-deep mud in my yard, because the dogs? OH MY HECK THE DOGS. The mud!  ACK!  Someone hold me.

7 thoughts on “I’m so Proud of my Boys

  1. Amanda says:

    That’s so awesome about the boys! Can they give mine some lessons? Seriously? It’s been ping city here.

  2. She Started It says:

    Glad you mom is in recovery, and that they boys are doing so well!

  3. MemeGRL says:

    Crazy-happy for you and your good week. Or good-enough, since I know there were multiple imperfect parts. But good effort goes soooo far, doesn’t it? Good for them. And you. Yay, Mom!

  4. you’re doing lots o things right i’d say 🙂

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