All the Luck in the World


February 22, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

You know, just because my life can’t possibly get any better, then more stuff happens and it just gets awesomer and awesomer (It’s a word now, yo). Times infinity plus one.

My mother has been hospitalized for the past two weeks. She has been in four times since November. And each time, they patch up a few issues (like blood sugar number of 496) and send her home but never get to the root of the issues. She’s been to a few different hospitals and specialists, too. And they’ve been blaming it on her congestive heart failure, strokes, blood clots, diabetes and emphysema, all of which she has a history with. And this time? Her lungs just weren’t making sense, so they did a procedure and sucked out the crud from her lungs. And biopsied and sampled it. And they found? E. COLI.  E FREAKING COLI IN HER LUNGS. No wonder she’s been sick!  So today she’s off to a rehab/nursing home  for a few weeks to recuperate.

In the meantime, I’m watching my parents’ gosh-forsaken dog. Now, you KNOW me. You KNOW I love dogs. LOVE them. More than people, even. But this dog? As much as I love him? And even though he’s adorable and small and cute and weighs ten pounds and is calm and well-behaved? He is alike a car alarm. He yaps. And yaps and yaps. And yaps more. And in a house where sound is the enemy?  YAPPING IS BAD, Y’ALL. And he’s been here for over two weeks now. Last night Dad stopped by to visit his puppy (he’s at the hospital all day with mom and plus he can’t physically take care of the dog so I’ve got him) and let me know that mom will be in rehab for 21 days.  So three more weeks. Three more yapping-filled weeks of Cujo the Wonder Dog. Oy.

I have pneumonia. NO! REALLY! Three rounds of antibiotics since December and I still feel like crud. So I took Bugaboo to my allergist for a check up and testing and she heard me hacking in the office and was all, “DUDE. THAT IS BAD.” and immediately handed me a prescription for a new, pneumonia-specific drug and told me to go to bed. The 102 fever I had this weekend and the hacking cough apparently didn’t tip me off that there might be a teensy issue with my lungs. I’m smart like that.

Bugaboo and the allergist?  HE IS FREAKING ALLERGIC TO APPLES. And peanuts, though not as severely. Yet. But apples!  FREAKING APPLES!  There are apples in everything, dang it. And he already has a limited diet. Apples were literally the only plant-based thing the kid ate. No other fruits or vegetables. UGH. But wait!  THERE’S MORE! We have to put him on a low-oxalate diet, due to his groin pain and bowel issues. No coffee, nuts, beans, many fruits and veggies, chocolate, and did I mention COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE? Like, that’s all the kid would eat. He loves his daily cup of coffee. He stalks us for it. And now, no coffee. No chocolate. Oh, somebody hold me, this is going to be HARD.

And then yesterday my three-legged miracle puppy, Daisy, woke up with an eye infection. In both eyes. And Daisy has been having trouble gaining weight (she’s a border collie, they could eat a horse and not gain weight, they are so active) so they put her on weight gain formula, since she only gained .5 lbs since Christmas. So two weeks on the weight gain formula and she gained? A TENTH OF A POUND. So we discontinued the weight gain formula because she isn’t gaining any weight. You know, since that’s the whole point of weight gain formula and stuff.

And today it snowed and the kids have a two-hour delay after having a four-day weekend. Today my life is full of WIN.

16 thoughts on “All the Luck in the World

  1. Becky says:

    Oy vey. Honey I’m just gonna send you a big ole cyber ((((hug))) cause you so need it, well that and apparently a stiff drink. Here’s hoping your day gets a little bit better.

  2. Yvonne says:

    hmmm…this sounds like something intense and disruptive is going on beneath the surface. Try to get some real help over there. They have grant $$ for respite services now at the autism site. One thing at a time. Deep breath (without hacking, please!)

  3. Amanda says:

    I’m going to google the low oxolate diet stuff. You may have helped us. Still seeing GI for unexplained GI issue in 4yo. Nothing has come up. For allergy tests, survey says – dust mites. That’s IT. But dude, the kid LOVES chocolate. We drive by the entrance to Hershey Park (and Chocolate World) on our way to and from the GI doc (they’re mean like that). Every time, we MUST stop and buy Hershey bars by the case (they’re cheaper that way, but still). Since we tend to crave what we can’t have (I love me some ice cream), totally checking the oxolate stuff. Thank you for a possible lead.

    Sorry you’re going through all that crap though. I think I’d suck it up and find a way to board the yappy dog. My yappy kids are hard enough most days.

  4. omg…and uh, when do you find time to write? yes – big cyber germ free hugs to you! hope you and the family recover and get better soon.

    bowl issues? we need to talk. my kid has bowl issues too, though i’ve never taken him to an allergist. i need to get that on the to do list of people to call.

    • I’m not sure if the low oxalates will help his bowels but it may help with his groin pain. And the allergy stuff should help with the GI stuff. I hope. But some of what I read about oxalates can help with leaky gut, the suspected cause of autistic bowel issues. Not sure if I believe it, but if it works for him?

  5. D says:

    Aww.. That sounds sucky.. except way worse than sucky. Hope things get better soon for you!! xoxo ((hugs))

  6. Penbleth says:

    Oh my. I don’t envy the battles you are going to have. Best wishes.

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