February 15, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Shoulda known.

Bug Boy’s behavior over the weekend was interesting. He was tired, had bags under his eyes and was generally cranky. Sunday morning, the truth was revealed: fever. Sore throat. Clogged ears. Since he was a bit hyper at school all week and was having difficulty staying on task I put two and two together. They made four. Prolly an ear infection. He can’t hear me when I talk to him. OBVIOUS SIGN.

He was home yesterday (and you know he feels cruddy if he was told he couldn’t go to school or his valentine’s party and he was all, “Oh. Ok.”) and is still home today. A quick trip to the pediatrician revealed a swollen tonsil. Again. And fluid in his ears. Again. Luckily for us, we already have an appointment scheduled for Thursday morning with his Otolaryngologist. That’s an ENT, for those of you not good at science. And Friday he is off. He is going to have a very short week. Also? He is on Day 14 of absences this year. The good news is most of them are excused due to medical issues. So hopefully (fingers crossed) I won’t get a letter from the truancy board. Ahem.

And a routine trip to my allergy/pulmonary doctor revealed that my current cough? The three-week long one that I thought was asthma? Yeah, still that lingering ear/sinus infection I’ve had for two months now. So, round three of the good, pink stuff. They are running out of things to give me. GO AWAY, CRUD, MMKAY? Perhaps you didn’t hear me the first two times when I told you to make like a leaf and get outta here?

And Bugaboo was up at 4am. Again. Third day in a row. Little stinker actually went back to bed right before 7 and fell back to sleep. And his bus come at 7:25. Not a pretty scene trying to get him outta here this morning. I was all, “WELL, If you are tired you could try sleeping from 4-7am!  JUST SAYIN’.” He wasn’t amused. He doesn’t listen, either. Sheesh.

Good things happening so far this week?

  • The snow is melting faster than you can say HOW’S YOUR UNCLE.  Say it very ssssloooooooooowwwlyyyyy.
  • Even though the mud in my house is enough to make a grown woman cry, today the temperature plummeted and it will be near freezing all day, making less mud. HOORAY!
  • It will be warm and gorgeous the rest of the week. Like, 60 by this weekend. 60!  Good thing my back is in bad shape because we prolly woulda planned a ski weekend like half of my town. And skiing in PA in 60 degree weather?  Hmmmm…
  • I got to write a guest column over at AIMING LOW! Can you believe it? That’s, like, some cool stuff because those are some pretty cool bloggers (like, professional ones!) and stuff. I was all geeky fan girl, jumping up and down when I was asked. I’m loving the fact that I’ve bee asked to guest post so often lately.  It’s such cool beans. And writing (without getting paid! It’s more fun that way!) has become a fun thing to do. Even though I’m not a writer. But I play one on TV. So go see me there.

And, y’all, if you aren’t following me over at the ole FB, why aren’t you?  I went up over 100 WHOLE PEOPLE the other day!  WHOA!  And then it was 107 over the weekend!  YEAH!  And then it went down to 106 on Monday. Sigh. But hey!  Over 100!  WHOA!

And go see me at the Twitters. Sometimes I even keep up with this social networking stuff.

3 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Amanda says:

    Our crud is hanging around too. These cooties do not want to die this year. Ironically, this is the first year my 9yo has perfect attendance so far (knocking on wood). All the years before, I figure if the truancy board sent me a letter they could suck it. The school is not my child’s parent. If it’s such an issue, then THEY could pay me child support and help pay the gas and doctor bills for all the appts. I actually said that to the principal one year and added that if my son’s grades were an issue, then yeah, I could see a problem, but he’s an A student, so suck it. The school just loves me, but trust me, my kid does NOT stay home unless he HAS to.

  2. Hope you all feel better soon to enjoy the 60 degree weather! I can totally relate to the 4 – 7 am thing. My kid does that and it ruins me every time.

    Congrats on the guest blog post – will have to check out 🙂

  3. Hope everyone is better soon. Did they discuss a T & A surgery as a possible solution?

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