I’m My Kids’ Personal Secretary


February 11, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

One thing I’ve heard time and time again?  That parents of special needs kids are personal secretaries. Now, I’m aware that ALL kids have parents who have to schedule for them, but until you’ve filled out the stacks and stacks of evaluations, IEP stuff, inventories and medical packets, you haven’t become your kid’s personal secretary.

And, I don’t get paid enough. I’m thinking of going on strike.

This week, blogging was a teensy bit less important than, say, calling and making appointments? Filling out forms? Doing developmental questionnaires ? Which, by the way, I am aware that it is unusual for kids to walk at 8 months. WHAT PART OF AUTISM DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND, AUTISM QUESTIONNAIRE? Hello!  Abnormal development!  That’s why we’re here!!!

This week I’ve scheduled dentist, ENT, allergy, regular pediatrician, cardiology, GI and Neurology. That doesn’t include PT, OT, SLP, my own PT, GYN, Allergy and Skin Check. Basically, I spent 3-4 hours A DAY on the phone getting these all set up. And I still had to cook, clean, do laundry, do homework, feed dogs and humans and all of the other domestic stuff (can’t name it because I don’t do it anyway so what’s the point of remembering, right?).

But this week? Cardiology? It’s a long appointment. It’s loooooong. Like, EKG, Echo, ultrasound, blah, blah, blah. Bug Boy’s’ turn this time. Right before we walked in the fire alarms went off. Let’s just say fire alarms are NOT Bug Boy’s strong point. When they took him back to get weighed and measured and did his blood pressure? It was high. So they took it again. And again. And by the end of the appointment it was normal. And I tried to tell them. HELLO! FIRE ALARM! ANXIETY! Sigh.

But the best is yet to come!  We have a clean bill of health. As in, bye-bye, heart murmur! SO LONG CARDIOLOGY!  No more appointments (as long as he stays healthy!)!  The thing he was hopefully gonna grow out of because most kids grow out of it but some don’t so we still had to go for ten years to get checked out? GONE!  SAYONARA, BABY!

One step closer to my kids living a more “normal” life. One without constant blood work, medications, procedures and appointments. We’re now down to the 6th month or 12th month check up. Once you get to one year? They discharge. It’s awesomesauce.

Now, let’s hope it stays that way, Hmmm?


5 thoughts on “I’m My Kids’ Personal Secretary

  1. kathy says:

    Great news about Bug Boy!!! And while I don’t have to fill out nearly the paperwork you do, I can still imagine your frustration.

  2. punkymama says:

    I feel you on the personal secretary. Lately I go to work to get my mind off things, paperwork, appts, ect. Now that is bad.

    Congrats about loosing a doctor. I am so happy for you

  3. Colleen says:

    Well, if that is not the best Valentine’s present a Momma can get!! Good news always comes about your kids right when you think you can take no more! Congrats!

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