I’m Certainly Not Talking About Poo Here Today


February 3, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

You know, every year at this time I get into this grand funk. It’s the weather and lack of sunlight, for sure. If my skin didn’t hate sunlight so much I’d live in Arizona or something but you know, skin cancer and stuff. Right. Yes, I’m AWARE you can get skin cancer in Philadelphia! You can also get Hoagie cancer. And cheesesteak  cancer. But not Poutine cancer, that’s in Canada.

So Philly it is. Where the sun barely shines 200+ days of the year.

The problem with this crappy, stinking weather is that I don’t get as much exercise. Which reminds me, I need to join a gym. I joined the el-cheapo gym last year because it was TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for the whole year. Problem? You get what you pay for. Tons of cardio machines, not enough weight and circuit training and people cheating. That’s right, CHEATING when they work out. Arsehats. And also? The purple and yellow shiz was lame. And GOLL DARN IT, I need to wear a do-rag when I work out to keep my freaking hair out of my face! I have tons of hair! On my head. Ahem. Which reminds me, I need to shave.

Also? Things have been relatively quiet around these here parts. Not sure why. Out of nowhere, Bug Boy is being cooperative, he does his homework on his own (except for some questions if he gets stuck) and he is pitching in and doing his chores with no problem. And last night, despite the lack-of-good-groundhog-news (depends on your point of view), he brushed it off and worked hard and went to bed and even listened this morning. Which means he is prolly coming down with the plague. Or maybe we’re just reaching a point where he is maturing and becoming self aware and responsible and stuff. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

And Bugaboo! Except for a night here or there that he doesn’t eat enough (and subsequently wakes up in the wee hours wanting food) he was been calm and quiet and joyful and happy. Like, playing and interactive with us and stuff. And eye contact!  And chatty (well, babbling stuff, which is good). And no poo. At least not the kind that is smeared anywhere or needs to be steamed up from the carpet or anything. Nope. It goes where it is supposed to go. (DAMN. I SAID I WASN’T TALKING ABOUT POO.)

Dare I say…I am bored? So bored that today? I DID HOUSEWORK! I mean, I went from room to room, picking crud up, putting it away, tossing it out and even had time to get five bags of crap out of my house for Goodwill. Y’all! That’s like, beyond the basics of just laundry and food! If this keeps up, I might actually get back on the Flylady thing and start decluttering and do zone work! I mean, C’MON NOW! Now you hush your mouth if you don’t like her. She saved my life (and marriage) a few years back. And is saving it again. Bored!  Did housework!  Now I just need to dust and vacuum and paint every wall in the house and…

To celebrate this glorious achievement (and the gathering of 100 people to actually like my blawg on FB) I decided to make myself a bowl of rice for lunch. That’s right. Nutritious. White. Fluffy. Rice. With butter. Don’t worry, I put gravy on it, so there is protein. I’m all about health here, after all.

10 thoughts on “I’m Certainly Not Talking About Poo Here Today

  1. JC says:

    I LOVE Flylady! I still haven’t quite mastered sticking with it, but I LOVE the idea of it. Isn’t that what counts??

  2. She Started It says:

    It’s been nonstop gray here as well. I find myself so blah! Going to work out helps, but I wish the sun would come out!

  3. I’m going to start going to the gym too. We have one here on post, and now I have a time when I can go when it’s actually open. Oh, and the rice totally should’ve been a tater.

  4. Kristy says:

    How does one cheat working out?

  5. Bella says:

    LOL. You know you just SO jinxed yourself right?

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