Random Sayings of a Ten-Year-Old MAN


January 25, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

Bug Boy has always had a different way with words. Since he is hyperlexic, he has this thing for vocabulary and spelling but lately has been funny. Not GUFFAW funny, but the kind of funny that his father and I try really, really hard not to giggle and make him feel bad about himself. Sometimes I want him to be quiet (can you imagine? I have a nonverbal child and I want the one who talks to be quiet!) because he has a bit of a motor mouth. It’s on or off, no in between. He has to have constant dialogue with himself or others. Preferably himself.

Yesterday he did a great job coming home from school and starting (and finishing) homework almost entirely on his own. Like Bugaboo, if Bug Boy is EASY that means there is SOMETHING wrong.  I hate waiting for the other shoe to drop or a cosmic shift or a disturbance in the force but hey ,what do you expect? I am a teensy bit gun-shy, mmkay?

Anyways. He chats. Running commentary. Sometimes I nod and say, “Uh huh. Oh. Really. Ok.” only half-listening. And yesterday he made a proclamation:

I’d like to bungy jump. This summer. Into water, since that would be fun. You know, like that stupid commercial except just me and not thirty guys.

I want to go on an upside down roller coaster. Do they have one of those at Hershey Park? This time, don’t surprise me.

I’d like to go snowboarding. Can we go snowboarding this weekend? I really like Shaun White. The Olympics were really awesome.

He said all three of these in succession. As in the same conversation. Just a random sampling of his very random mind. Two minutes later it was onto lego creations, Star Wars and lunch menu items. In the same sentence. Yes, I DO have trouble following him, why do you ask? And people wonder why I’m going insane.

I sent him to bed later that evening and when I went up myself I noticed his light was still on. AGAIN. He was up far too late reading (it’s a problem, really, we are constantly taking books away) and I said growing boys need adequate sleep to be at their healthiest. And he sighed and said, “Mom. Please. I’m a man now that I’m ten.  I’m FINE. SHEESH.”

He’s a man now. Paaaardon me.

4 thoughts on “Random Sayings of a Ten-Year-Old MAN

  1. Hahahhaaaaaaaa – I love that! A man at 10 years old. I am totally okay to laugh, since he can’t see or hear me. I don’t know if you saw my post yesterday – actually a repost from Jeff Katz’s blog Mission of Complex. I think you would appreciate it – his son Nate is 20 years old, also hyperlexic.

  2. Laurie says:

    Oh the joys of hyperlexia. Aidan is also having a constant dialogue with himself. Lately he has been asking how old he needs to be to get his first job because he’s going to build an hhgregg in Swarthore and then get a job stocking the shelves with electronics and appliances. Yep.

  3. Judi says:

    ha ha! We have 10 year old hyperlexic child as well…oy vey! We’ll very often come upstairs at 11 pm (he goes to bed at 8) and he’s still reading. I feel your pain.

  4. Oh the running commentary. I feel you. I really do. I have 2 of them. As for the staying up reading, I used a new one on my 9yo. I used the new study that everyone’s reporting that it’ll make kids obese. We even saw it together on the news and I said ‘THAT’S why we make you go to bed at a certain time so you get enough sleep.” He turned his light off on time last night for the first time in weeks.

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