The Most Perfectest Weekend EVAH


January 24, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

After a rough start to last week (and several two-hour delays, plus an extra day off) Bugaboo decided to give us all a break and be all happy like. You know, his teachers, therapists, bus drivers, babysitter, parents and brother. And dogs. And neighbors. He was nice to all of us.

How?  I’ll tell ya how. Because you’re dying to know. And if you aren’t? TOUGH SHIZ. I’m telling you anyways.

Thursday was a much better day for Bugaboo. And Friday? Friday was near-perfect. As in, calm, happy, “singing”, interactive, pleasant, cooperative. Best day ever. EVER. Except it wasn’t. Because Saturday was better than that. We were all, “Is he getting sick? Is an asteroid about to collide with earth? Is this the seventh sign of the apocalypse? Because two near-perfect, awesome days in a row? AIN’T NEVER HAPPENED. I mean, dood!  He said, “DUDE!” It was all sudden-like. He was getting out of the tub and started to put his clothes on and I said, “Dude!  Dry off first!” And he’s all, “DUDE.” And I laughed and said, “DUDE!” and he’s all, “HAHAHA!  DUDE!”  It was a seen out of a stoner movie or something. Dude! Seriously!

Then he went to bed. On his own. In his own bed, even (Please. Buy your autistic kid one of THESE. You can thank me later). By himself, like. Can you imagine? I mean, REALLY!  And then Saturday! Music Therapy!  He cooperated!  And participated!  And smiled and laughed!  It was super-duper awesome and fabulous plus infinity!!!11!!! Eleventy!

And Saturday night we went out on a hot date to the home improvement store to pick a sink and faucet for our just-about-finished-even-though-it-took-a-year bathroom remodel (because we are totally romantic like that and go to home improvement stores for fun) and when we came home he was asleep. In his own bed. And stayed there ALL NIGHT. Well, until 6am when he wet the bed and woke up freezing but still!  That’s, like, seven hours of sleep in a row for me!  And the husband took him out for a ride to get coffee and donuts and I got to sleep until nine! No, really!  It’s true!

And I managed to get the basement cleaned up (mostly) from a whole month of being Bugaboo’d. Which means every toy dumped out of every bin, and salt, sugar, corn meal, flour, pepper corns, dry pasta, instant oatmeal and the contents of tea bags all over the floor. And it is mostly clean except for some trash, a few toys strewn about and the fact that I have to vacuum up all of that stimmy mess.

I know. I’m in shock, too. He slept well last night (came into my room at 4am because he was cold and Bug Boy had crawled in with me, too so it really wasn’t that big of a deal and Bristol was already on the foot of the bed and, husband? What husband? Oh! Yeah, he was on the couch or in one of the kids’ beds or something. Which is why we need a king, yo. I’d do ANYTHING for a king mattress. Well, except for sell my soul to the devil. And I won’t sell my body. And I won’t give up my first born children. And..basically  I just want a free mattress. I need to get on a home-makeover show or somthin’).

I could get used to this, y’all. I mean, weekends like the one we just had? Nearly wipe away all of the other crappy, sh*tty, rotten weekends. This one ranks up there with the best of all time.




9 thoughts on “The Most Perfectest Weekend EVAH

  1. MemeGRL says:


  2. AMAZING!!! Sounds like a great weekend – hope it continues into the week!

    I need a king size bed too – we have a queen and Norrin takes up all of it because he comes into our bed every single night. Norrin actually calls the sofa “daddy’s bed” – sad.

  3. Awesome! Do you find it hard to enjoy those awesome days waiting for the other shoe to drop? I do.

  4. Larry Blumenthal says:

    We’ve had a few weekends like that. They are amazing. All you can do is appreciate them while they are there. Glad to see you got to enjoy it.

  5. That’s awesome! Reading about your wonderful makes me feel all good inside, because our Andrew had a crappy weekend, lol. You take what you get when you get it and celebrate!

  6. Erica says:

    Loved the stoner movie moment!

  7. JC says:

    Holy hell, I hope it’s not the end of times! Hooray for all of you though!!

  8. First of all, that photo was PERFECT. Best photo in a post ever. EV.ER.

    B. YAY! Great weekends rock!! Compliment the heck out of that kid and reward him over and over again and hope to high hopes that he has another great weekend that kicks this one’s ASS.

    Third, I hope people understand my joke and don’t think I’m an idiot for my comment…

  9. gertie says:

    The kaleidoscope? Who’d have guessed?

    When my now 14yo was little, there was never a night of just tucking in, then tiptoeing out of the room to let him go to sleep. We didn’t even know about weighted blankets.

    So many nights I crashed out in his little twin bed, just trying to get him to sleep, but he’d always fall asleep after me. The exhaustion of motherhood!

    Hope your luck with this continues!

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