Top Ten Things on My Mind


January 21, 2011 by Marj Hatzell

10 – I have yet another ear infection. What, am I ten or something? Sheesh.

9 – I am spending tons of time in waiting rooms, between ear infections and chiro and PT. which means...

8 – I am spending tons of time playing angry birds on my phone. And angry birds make me…angry. Go figure. But! Boomerang birds! ACK!

7 – Three two-hour delays this week and one cancellation = unhappy Bugaboo. Add in eating coffee grounds, a full moon and a wee bit of bathroom issues (as in, not going at all) and it’s a recipe for disaster.Let’s just say Momma needs a day to herself.

6 -Hubby is almost done our Master Bathroom. We’ll actually get to use it to shower!  HOORAY!  But then we have to gut the boys’ bath because of leaking and disintegrating tile!  BOO!

5 – My dogs love the snow. I have to drag them in, because otherwise they’d stay out all day.

4 – My massage was canceled today. This is bad because NUMBER 7, MMKAY?

3 – My brain is foggy lately and the words, they don’t come easily at present. Blame the medication I’m on. Or S.A.D. Or the lack of sleep. Or worrying about my mother’s help. Or a combination of all of them.  Go on, blame them! It’s therapeutic!

2 – I want a hot tub. Bugaboo would love it. So if I go the “it’s good for Bugaboo! We need it for him!” route, do you think my husband will go for it? I’m thinking the money we’d spend on that would be better put to use to, say, redo the bathroom? Or pay off bills? Just sayin’.

1 – I can’t think of another thing, even though I know it was there a minute ago. See #3. Told you so.

Yup. Just about sums it up.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Things on My Mind

  1. Jenni Chiu says:

    The saddest words I’ve heard in a long time…
    “My massage today was canceled.”
    My vote is for hot tub… you deserve it.

  2. Miss Mommy says:

    C’mon . . . . food on the table/hot tub. It’s clear which one should win out! Those kids of yours can keep on eating coffee grounds – it’s ALL about the HOT TUB!!!!

  3. You know, you are both right. Hot tub it is. The heck with college funds, putting gas in the car and fancy, healthy food!

  4. Add one more for hot tub. We had one that came with our townhouse, and OMG I miss that thing. I spent most of my first pregnancy in it (don’t worry Internets, it was turned WAY down, and usage supervised by my doc). And, if you put it close enough to your backdoor, yes, you can still use it in winter.

  5. Childlife says:

    Ah, sounds much like home. And all my giggles as I read through your post were out of sympathy… Honest! 😉

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

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